Blue Gold – The Problem Of Water Supply In Sub-Saharan Africa

Water is one of the most important things that people need to live. People use water to drink to stay hydrated and function, wash themselves to become clean and replenish plants in order to take food by harvesting fruits and vegetables. This documentary focuses on how water is important to people’s lives and nowadays, water is now the global crisis because of several countries losing sources of clean and accessible water. This situation really affects my point of view in nature because people who live in poor areas like Sub-Saharan Africa and the poorest country in South America, Bolivia, cannot get accessible water to use and drink. Unlike places like Toronto, we can have unlimited access to clean water. In addition, they are doing clean conservation and the reason is that the environmentalists are currently giving information to civilians on how to save nature. In the documentary, there are lots of Bolivians protesting in the front of the government’s office because they cannot have the water they need to live. In my honest opinion about the situation over there, that is not alright because they are humans like me/us.

What I need is what they need as well as simple as that. In Sub-Saharan Africa, they have also the same problem but they cannot go to protest in front of the office because they have no time to do that instead they have to gather some water from the river or lake to provide drinks for their family in able to survive. And the other problem is that there are many kids in Africa are dying because of water contamination. For all of us, that is really disturbing to realize. The tax that we are paying to the government should help other people because the government’s job is to help millions of people so they can live and people can give back some contribution not just in one specific country, but also for the whole world. Every single one of us is useful to give something important. Many environmentalists are giving information on how these countries are having a hard time when it comes to having access to clean water. But there are still hopes because many people are inventing machines to cleanse contaminated water. Like some water companies, are now converting ocean water (which it is 71% in earth’s surface) into drinking water. Another example, conversion of sewage into drinkable water and it is 100% safe. The other issue that some people are facing is that should water be privatized or not? In my opinion, even though many people are facing a crisis towards drinking water, it should be privatized and protect it from free use because some people are being abusive towards nature and they do not even know that if nature has limitation and we need to conserve it for future generations. We are not the only ones who can use this. plants and animals can use water as well. I have seen a lot of people just throwing free water in the ground and acted as nothing happen.

Why do I think this way? Because they think we do not run out of the accessible water. We need to give them heads up for that. Another problem is that most people contaminate it and the government should protect these public lakes and rivers to conserve clean water. This does not mean that I do not care for those people who cannot have access to clean water like Sub-Saharan Africa and Bolivia. As a matter of fact, it can help them because people like us, who are buying, paying for water and paying for taxes to the government can help and I know the government can use this to fund a nice program for people who live in far villages to have this access in order to live clean. After that, they can contribute something to society as a positive payback to us who live in cities like Toronto. Unification for nature is a huge necessity.

29 April 2020
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