The Problem Of Water Scarcity And Wasting Of Water

In this essay I hope to demonstrate to you that water is very precious and should not be wasted. Water is a very important source which keep our active and alive because we are 90% water. I will also show you that instead of wasting water we could save someone's life.

Although there is 70 % of the earth’s surface is water, water scarcity (not enough safe drinking water) is a big problem in the world which is affecting a lot of people in hot countries. but the people who have Safe e drinking water coming out of their tap take it for granted and they pour it down the drain (like I do) which leaves the people with no water dying of thirst. To try and solve this problem radios and televisions have catchy phrases to advertise not to waste water on products, and people donate money so that water can be taken to places like Africa or the desserts to make them have clean water and they make projects so they can have a long term safe water supply.

How Does Water Come Out of My Tap?

The way water comes out of my tap is because of an indirect supply of water that is reserved in a big tank called a cistern, the tank is stored ether under the sink or in the loft (attic) this is stored for a long period of time. When the tap is on, the water will stream down your pipes and flows out of your tap. Then the water will go down the drain and out into the sewer.

Safe drinking water gets to your home from seas. But before you drink it goes through many important tests. The tests they go through are pluming it chlorinating it and it is safe to drink.

What Could Happen if We Ran Out of Water in the Future?

In the future if we run out of water it might be a disaster because all of the famers crops grow with the help of water, so if we do at any point completely lose our water that would mean there were no food to eat no fish or any living animal, and there would definitely be no safe drinking water either. Humans and other animals would be extinct.


In some places it does not rain for many weeks. There is not enough water to drink or grow plants. This dehydrated time is called a drought. But in other places there is way too much water and it is called a flood. Floods happen when it rains too much and in some places people live in water so that means there house is on stilts.

Countries That Lack Water

There are many countries that have a lack of water these countries are Afghanistan is not the only one with a lack of water supply but it has a large amount of water crisis and we should try and help. Ethiopia, people blame Ethiopia’s large humanity rate on the crisis of water

Accessible clean water. Egypt , as it is a desert there is essentially no water only very far away but it is dirty and is not safe drinking water because the atmosphere is very hot which mean the water that they have is nearly all evaporated. The reason countries lack water is because of the climate and were they are in the world. for example places with water scarcity are manly always on the equator of the universe and the reason for there being no water is because the sun is directly on top of that country, were there is no water

How Can We Help Countries That Lack Water?

We can help countries with water shortage by giving money to charity and never waste good water because as I have told you above that if you waste water that water could have gone to people in need of it. In machinery there is water which helps it work. In the world machines are very useful and it helps to make our food and mainly all our products we use. So if we run out of water all our products will run out and all our food made from machinery will to so that is why we should not waste water.

In this essay I have confirmed that water is precious and that it should not be taken for granted. As I have shown many innocent people has suffered water scarcity, and how water is used in an average life style. From writing this essay I have learned that just because we have safe drinking water, it does not mean we should take it for granted because someone in need for it could be drinking it right now. So make a difference by not wasting the precious source (water)

31 October 2020
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