Both Incredible and Sad Movie-Story Must to Be Known

When I want to write a review, I normally try to prevent myself from giving away the whole story but it can also be difficult when it’s about something that happened in real life. There are always many details from the movie I need to discuss less about or not mention at all in order to not spoil it. With that being said, I have always been a fan of watching and learning about the past and what people had to go through in life before I even existed. 

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“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” is a movie that did not only make me feel sad to the heart but also overwhelmed to see how society and the human race act towards each other. When I first started watching, It seemed to me as a normal and peaceful movie that involved a boy and his family. But, once I kept watching, I noticed how it was changing up every time. It wasn’t only about just them but the people around them. 

This movie takes place in Nazi Germany where all the disasters start and by all of that, I mean all the disasters and horrific things. In the movie, Bruno the eight year old boy that shows his appy moments, the author took his time in explaining each part and step slowly with detail. It was all well thought which made me want to rewatch some parts again. The moral behind this movie is also so mesmerizing. I completely had a different knowledge about this movie in the start but further on my thoughts started to connect and I came to the conclusion that this is definitely one of the saddest movies I have seen before. There wasn’t any communication between them and there were so many lies that will obviously leave someone wondering and wanting to know more about the situation. Once they had moved into their new place which was a big house far away from where they were before that didn’t even look like a farm place. It was so different from everything surrounding it. Bruno, as any other kid would do liked to wander around and look at the places but there, it was different. There were big walls surrounding the house, guards inside, outside, and in the entrance of the house so that meant that there was no escapatory. But, I’m pretty sure that as a young and smart kid, there’s always a way and solution to something, and that’s what Bruno had. Not getting too deep in the moment, Bruno would always see a type of moment that happened around them which made him very curious. In his room, he had a window that looked directly where all the workers could be seen. He realized that they all wore striped pajamas and wondered why that was the cause but obviously his parents didn’t want to tell him the actual reason why so they would just say a despict answer. Something that captured my attention is how the jew maid and workers were mistreated. I could literally describe this as cats and dogs fighting but in this case, there wasn’t any fighting but instead injustice, controlment, and having a superior that gets to tell you what to do and treat you however he or she wants to.

 This movie has many hard and harsh scenes so if your the type of person that doesn’t like to see cruelty, then I wouldn’t recommend this. But, if you like to learn about how the world was, the struggles, and how people used to make a living in order to be able to keep their lives with any sacrifice, then I definitely suggest this movie to you but also the novel. In a movie, you can experience everything that is shown and explained but in a novel, you can feel the pain coming inside from you like it’s leaving a scar beneath your soul with all of the content. It not only makes you feel, realize, and wonder but it also gives you many perspectives in other people’s shoes about their lives. The soldiers in this movie can sometimes even be intimidating but this is from my point of view. They would always make jokes about killing and harming others that was just something so uncomfortable but also interesting to watch which intrigued me more each time. And a novel will assure you all those good and juicy details the story tells. But as I said before, the movie or the novel will move and touch you. I personally love how the movie is made maybe that’s why I would definitely prefer it more than the novel even though I know I would be missing some points throughout it. In the movie, the way the actors speak in that amazing British accent makes me even more intrigued in the story. 

Everything is just so professional. This is not only because of the accent but just the way they are speaking well explains the whole movie. And let me just tell you that the plot twist is just so unexpected. Sadly, I can’t spoil anything about the movie because what would I be doing? Am I right. From all the movies that I have seen in my life, this is one of the best. I have to admit, while watching this movie, I shed some tears. Everything from the beginning to end changed my whole mindset on the movie and everything that I learned from was just outstanding. I personally give this movie a strong five stars. Everything was just so appealing to my eyes and the descriptions were amazing. Even though this was a very sad story, it has a very big moral to the story and I think everyone should hear from it and look at the perspective of the movie and everyone in it. Hopefully this feedback of my side of the movie makes you want to see this incredible movie that I’m sure will make someone cry. I have three words for it, I loved it.  

29 April 2022

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