Bullying In High School Of The Philippines

Look around the four corners of the world and you will encounter billions of youths. Have you ever imagined how these people can transform the world? Have you ever wondered how one individual affect one in building the future? Different aspects, ways and perspectives but one thing will always remain; that every person needed someone to prosper and to expound their power in persevering for the success of the future. Society entails judgement to what defies is, that everything is a matter of opinion but worse case of this is it yields to factor by which the coercion to abuse is excessively dominating or intimidating others both mentally and physically. Nowadays, bullying is rampant in schools in which our child is within almost every day of their lives, yet several questions plays vital for the youth: Is school or classroom are still safe or conducive for learning, character development, enhancing one’s personality and characteristic’s. Does anyone is exempted to this? In the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) bullying is defined as physical or verbal abuse, repeated over time and involving power balance, which in accordance to educational research that they are three types of bullying suffered by children in school.

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1) Verbal Bullying which is saying or writing mean things among the person.

2) Social or Relational Bullying which involves hurting someone’s reputations or relationships.

3) Physical Bullying which is hurting someone’s body or possessions.

Above everything else, each school all over the world should have their accountability in respect for the welfare of their students. On the Day of 20th of June 2019 New Jersey School Sued over bullied girls’ suicide where the child is said to be complaining repeatedly that she was being target Verbally and through Social Media but what the school have done was “Terribly ignored’ the complaint of the child.

In the Philippines Department of Education raises anti bullying programs. DepEd’s Education Support Services Division chief Ferdinand Narciso said each schools’ division in the region have its own unique programs and policies implemented to address bullying and other issues concerning the welfare of the pupils and students. On the hand, some schools are conducting parenting seminars and Partnership Programs on which the issue is easily immediate to address and reported for formal and legal action. There are also seminars on children proposed by the guidance counselors in charge of the DepEds Youth Formation and Career Guidance Program which objective is to give awareness to the children in accordance of ensuring anti bullying policies and not to tolerate any form of violence. One controversial case was in Ateneo de Manila High School in which this case was posted and viral online. The student was dismissed for bullying some of his schoolmates. The student was caught o video punching and kicking his schoolmate but this serves under investigation that later on dismissed the abuser because studies have shown that child should be given help but can no longer return to school.

Experiencing bullying is such a devastating feeling anyone could ever had. Through a simple joke and tease it is mostly leading to a person’s overthinking of, is it really true of me? or most of the time, A person is having a very low self-esteem and self confidence in portraying themselves because their own personal capabilities is tested most especially when they are into new things to explore and expound more of themselves. Bullying at school makes one feel unsecured and unprotected because school is a second home that most of the time a child has more time to be engage in rather than having time with their own family. Family nowadays is different from before, separated one’s are now very timely. Having a separated family affects a child’s insecurity over so many things, and as a child of separated parents uphold my burdens of insecurity in every aspect of life. Looking good is the hardest task to show of to others, because at the back of it was a child of burdens and insecurities beyond their family and a child who is being bullied at school.

Handling bullies is for brave souls because if one can surpass those kinds of people with regards of what their carrying or hiding behind themselves is such a courageous and bravest thing a person could ever done. No wonder why there a lot of youths who had been attempted suicide and some successfully committed it, not that they are not brave and courageous but because they are tired of fighting battles all alone. 

01 February 2021

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