Canada: What Makes a Nation the Best in the World

This is what makes a nation argumentative essay in which we will discuss this question based on example of Canada. What makes a nation #1 in the world is subjective to us all. There are countless amount of factors and characteristics that make a country great to one, but we can all agree on the importance of putting the people first. Canada has opportunities one may dream about and allows everybody the freedom to be themselves. Additionally, Canada has the best quality of life in the world and is an example to countries globally. This nation is a lot more than the stereotypes of maple syrup and Tim Hortons, Canada is truly the number 1 country in the world.

Canada’s geographical location provides many benefits that can apply to everybody. To begin with, Canada’s natural beauty is clear for all to see. From the skiing adventures in Whistler, British Columbia to sightseeing around Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick. Canada is unique and stunning from coast to coast which is a huge reason why Canada was ranked top 5 for most beautiful country of the year. The picturesque in cities and towns brought in a total of 21 million visitors in 2018 which is record breaking. Niagara Falls, one of Canada’s natural wonders, brings in 12 million visitors alone. Secondly, the ecozones located around the country provide many useful natural resources within them. Natural resources that can be found in Canada include coal, diamonds and natural gas. These resources provide 1.71 million jobs for Canadians all over the country. Additionally, in 2018, exports of natural resources in Canada were valued at $264 billion. Lastly, despite only one-twelfth of the land suitable for crops, agriculture is a very vital industry. The country’s agriculture and agri-food sector has provided jobs for over 2.1 million people around Canada. There is a wide variety of crops harvested in Canada from the wheat fields in the Prairies to the summer produce in Okanagan Valley and Annapolis Valley. Additionally, agriculture is a large contributor to Canada’s economy and accounted for 6.7% of the country’s GDP. Canada’s location provides not only jobs but the chance to experience raw and natural beauty.

Canada is the land of opportunity for everybody, young and old. Firstly, Canada’s broad range of jobs allow for both men and women to equally prosper. Canada is among the highest minimum wages in the world giving all citizens, rich and poor, the chance to thrive and live happily. Working in Canada comes with many benefits such as CPP (Canadian Pension Plan), child benefits, disability benefits and employment insurance. These benefits can help workers families and overall make employees happier. Secondly, Canada’s world-class education system gives students the opportunity to be successful beyond the classroom, teaching us to be functioning members of society and to inspire as well as to impact others. Canada spends over $62.6 billion on public education and was named “most educated country in the world” according to CNBC. Canada has many high ranked universities such as University of Toronto and McGill University. In addition, between March 2009 and March 2019, 1.8 million jobs were created just for university graduates. Lastly, Canada provides resettlement for those who may be seeking asylum as well as people who may be victims to natural or environmental disasters or chemical or nuclear disasters. In 2018, Canada resettled more refugees than any other country in the world, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency. Canada has programs in place such as the Resettlement Assistance Program that help these people build their life in this great country. This program helps with them finding a place of living and income support. The variety of possibilities and opportunities throughout the country make Canada a wonderful nation.

Canada allows all citizens to be their authentic self regardless of differences. The country demonstrates inclusion towards all people which is an important trait we as individuals should possess. With over 21% of Canadians being immigrants and over 250 ethnic groups, Canada is not known as a melting pot, rather a mosaic. Canada is even considered to be the most multicultural country in the world. In a 2012 poll, 82% of recent immigrants felt welcomed in Canada and 84% of them said they would encourage family and friends to apply for immigration in Canada. More than 200 languages are spoken throughout the nation and interpreters in healthcare and hospitals are used around the country to facilitate and assist all people despite language barriers. Additionally, Canada is accepting of people’s faiths and religions. In countries where simply stating and sharing your beliefs can lead to major consequences, Canada is a place of religious freedom for all people. Religious rights are protected in employment, housing, services and contracts. There are also a number of resources people can go to if they feel like they are being discriminated against for that reason. Canada is also accepting of those who may identify with LGBTQ. In 2005, Canada became only the 4th nation in the world to legalize same sex marriage as well as legalizing the ability adopt and raise children. The acceptance of people’s diversity nationwide make Canada the unified country it is.

In conclusion, when one considers opportunities, inclusiveness, and location, it’s clear that Canada is the best nation in the world. Canada is a country that continues to progress for the likeness of its people to improve all of our lives. Perhaps what makes a great nation doesn’t solely rely on the government or it’s leaders, instead the united citizens and the endless possibilities we are given. 

05 January 2023
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