Caring About The Environment In Wall-e

The 2008 film WALL-E is a sci-fi, romance, comedy animation that explains the issues we have with the world today. The director Andrew Stanton had spread this message beautifully and won an Academy Award for best animation 2008 and topped 200 million dollars on its first six weeks. Voice actors include Ben Burrt, Ellisa Knight, Fred Willard, John Ratzenber and Sigourney Weaver, but the one that stole the show was Ben Burrt, the voice of WALL-E. The animation is beautiful, the colors are vivid, and the sound effect is an amazing. This film can be for all ages and could be Pixar's greatest movies of all time.

Plot summary

WALL-E begins on an earth, centuries in the future. Earths a deserted a garbage-strewn waste land, in which humans fled the planet because of lack of vegetation, rubbish and one monopoly. The only thing that still lives is WALL-E a robot and his humble friend “the cockroach”, after hundreds of years of doing what WALL-E was built for. The adventurous and curious WALL-E finds a purpose in life when a sleek, white, egg shaped robot is sent to earth to find something in order for people to go back to earth again. Her name is EVE, WALL-E try's follow EVE around and show off his home until an unexpected discovery sends EVE back to her current home in a giant space ship called the Axiom, what EVE didn’t know is that WALL-E had snuck aboard the flight home. A chain of events happens, and WALL-E might just be the one that puts humans back on a healthier and more sustainable path.

Important messages within the film

WALL-E really stands out to me because it teaches us to solve our own problems and gives us a better understanding of might what happed in the future if we don’t act now. It can also teach people about caring about the Environment more often, like picking up rubbish every time you go to the beach, but it isn't just rubbish. Its consumerism, like people brought everything from BnL. WALL-E inspires us to recycle and take care of our world or we won’t have one, one day. WALL-E also teaches us not to just be lazy and to start a healthier life style.


In WALL-E humans say that there is too much rubbish and toxicity levels are rising, a large Comsumer BnL evacuated earth's population, and shipped them self's in big automated ships called the Axiom to space in 2105, leaving behind ,Waste, Allocated, Load, Lifter, earth class robots, known as WALL-Es behind to “clean up the mess” while there gone. Soon WALL-Es stopped working and the earth was left deserted, apart from one. This movie shows us about the environment and what can be done to stop things from getting worst and what can be done to fix that.


In conclusion WALL-E sets a good mindset and encourages younger and older people to start caring about the environment. WALL-E also might influence people to start being more fit and to start a healthier life style and can teach people that the smallest things can make a big difference. You might think all this, just in a kid's movie. Andrew Stanton (the director) did a great at helping and managing the color, sound effects, design of the film and more, no wonder this film got an Academy Award for best animation 2008. We will sure be expecting more great things from Andrew Stanton in the future. 

07 July 2022
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