Causes And Effects Of The World Hunger

World hunger has affected many thousands of people, and this crisis is becoming increasingly more problematic among today’s contemporary society. Many children are undernourished due to deficient nutrition, especially in developing countries. World hunger essentially indicates that the starvation has accumulated to a universal level. This issue is caused by poverty as well as environmental variation. Therefore, those who experience hunger may display symptoms of stunting, as well as mass migration of citizens forced to leave due to lack of food, leading to an imbalance in the population distribution.

One of the primary causes of world hunger is poverty, which comprises of various factors, and this is the most prevalent fact in developing countries. Firstly, the cost of food has risen dramatically, resulting in millions being unable to afford to eat. The World Bank, suggested that the increasing food prices have approach to 36 percent. Simultaneously, reporters discovered that the price of cereals in the United States surge in 30 percent. Nonetheless, those who are from developing countries cannot pay for nutritious food. Another example is that farmers do not have enough money to buy seeds, as a result, less crops are produced in the field of agriculture. Furthermore, poverty depends on the economy condition fluctuation. Specifically, if the economy collapsed, the less wages given by the government, the less nutritious food workers could buy. For instance, a research investigated that 100,000 people confront the crisis of hunger since economy was collapsed. Since worker’s salaries determined by the economy of home country, so if wages are lower, then consumers will buy less nutritious food. Hence, poverty plays an pivotal role in the cause of world hunger.

Another noteworthy cause that should be considered is the environment fluctuation. To be more specific, natural disasters have influenced the agriculture significantly. This is demonstrated by the World Food Program (2017), which recorded that insufficient rain drops destroy the crops growth. Moreover, many livestock lost in part of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya in 2011. In addition, the destruction of farmland is derived from humanitarian disasters, such as desalination, erosion, deforestation and desertification. The crisis of climate change will affect poor countries the most. This variation will not only affect the economy, but also the sustainability of farmers. If the market exhibit low production, the only access to gain food is cut off. Moreover, most of the developing countries rely particularly on livestock and crops. In case of coming floods and extreme drought, farmers will undertake a great loss. This is illuminated by World Food Program (2017), which states that West Africa was significantly experienced the variation of climate. Thus, the extreme climate change will influence the agriculture productivity.

As a result of poverty and climate instability, world hunger has become more severe. These causes provoked negative effects such as malnutrition on children as well as enormous migration. The lack of nutritious food become unattainable due to the cause of poverty. Nutritious food is unaffordable to those who are indigent. Thus, the majority population, especially children, are malnourished. A case in point is illustrated in an article from The Economist (2002), which explained that malnourished children are affected by disease more regularly either physically or mentally. After a detailed investigation, researchers discovered that the deficiencies of micronutrient result in malnutrition. More importantly, another research reveals that more than one in seven individuals who are not able to obtain enough food to eat. Similarly, other findings explored that 800 millions of people still suffer from lack of nutrition (The Economist, 2002). Apparently, those who are in lack of food have higher possibility of death. For example, researchers exemplified that the reason why the percentage of death is more than 35 million is because of the scarcity of food. Consequently, it is negatively effect individual’s health due to the poor nutrition they received.

Another effect of the world hunger is the mass migration in certain regions. Since the majority from developing countries depend on their own farmland, if the extreme weather happened, like drought, this can damaged crops in the field of agriculture. Therefore, the destruction of farmland forces farmers to move in another place to live in order to survive. Another reason of the migration of refugees is because of the conflict. A study has exerted that those who from poor South Sudan abandon their farmland suddenly. Most of the locals move away without food resources (Barker, 2017). The disaster in this country results greater population in this country decreased. This is because farmers land was stole by opponents. Soldiers will threat opponents by destroy food resources, livestock, and farmland. Most people rely on their farmland by selling products on the market, despite that, wars and conflicts ruined families and food supplies. There is no access to obtain food unless move to shanty towns. An example which demonstrated the evidence of migration is the phenomenon in eastern Congo, local residents said cattle is abandoned due to the robbery from soldiers (The Economist, 2002). The only optimistic access is to start a new life in other places. Thus, fewer and fewer people lived in certain developing countries because local citizens move to other places, which lead an imbalance population on those developing countries. Comparatively, refugees will be seen differently when they move to new area. For instance, they will suffer discrimination. To summarise, world hunger result in mass migration due to the battle and conflicts.

In conclusion, world hunger is a global issue due to the fact of poverty and environmental variation. Hence, these make significant outcomes not only on the malnutrition of children, but also the migration population in developing countries become bigger and bigger. As a result of the reduction on workers salaries, nutritious food become more unachievable. Therefore, poverty affect physical health on children, such as stunting. Likewise, weather inconstancy as well as conflicts have impact the residence, thus, residents will migrate to other satisfied places. This global issue needs to be resolved as long as government concentrate more on both economy and the climate fluctuation.

16 August 2021
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