The Major Causes Of World Hunger

Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”. Everyday we wake up, scrub down, have our morning meal, drink some espresso or tea and do other ordinary things without understanding that many individuals suffer from everyday cravings. They feel craving and thirst on the regular premise. As per World Hunger Statistics (n.d.), around 795 million individuals in the world do not have enough nourishment to lead a healthy active life. That is around one out of nine individuals on earth. This essay focuses on the causes of world hunger which includes poverty, climate change, and food wastage.

The first cause of world hunger is poverty. Poverty is a disease that hinders the growth and development of children; it also deprives a healthy body and a bright future of children. Poverty has brought society into an unfair phenomenon, which has made it difficult for the poor to be treated unfairly. Humanity who are living in poverty are due to they do not know how to rationally budget their own expenses. They mostly spend the money on materiality and causes they lack of money to treat their stomach well, so it caused themselves become malnutrition. The most innocent victim is the child. The achievements of adults have created the future of children. Adult should as a role model for their child, manage their money rationally do not let themselves and younger generation go hungry.

The other cause of world hunger is climate change. Climate change is probably can influence sustenance security at the global, regional, and local level. Climate change can affect sustenance availability, decrease access to sustenance, and influence sustenance quality. Other than that, climate change will bring natural disasters like floods, tropical storms and long periods of drought. It will make inconsistent rainfall to destroy crop or mainly diminish the amount of animal grassland available. Therefore, this will lead to their food supply decline and their habitat damaged. For example, harvest failures and heavy domestic animal losses in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are caused by continuing lack of rain in 2011. In short, world hunger occurs is due to the reason of climate change.

Moreover, food wastage also is a cause of world hunger. This is on the grounds that nourishment wastage speaks to a botched chance to create worldwide sustenance security in reality as we know it where 12.5 percent of people is hungry. Gilbert Houngbo who known as president of the United Nation agency, said that there is all that anyone could need sustenance being created to nourish the total populace of more than 7 billion individuals. He added that food waste does however represent a dreadful loss of resources and ought to be tackled. He also said that hungry population occured is because lack of sustenance management and huge sustenance wastage. For example, two-fifth of all the sustenance created in the United States is never eaten. The people throw away 100 million tonnes of sustenance annually in Europe. But then there are still one billion individuals in danger of starving. In brief, world craving happens is because of the reason of nourishment wastage.

In conclusion, world hunger is an issue that should be taken seriously and discussed at every level of society. There are many causes of world hunger but the three main ones are poverty, climate change, and food wastage. The president of Alliance to End Hunger, Reverend David Beckmann once said, “It is important for people to realize that we can make progress against world hunger, that world hunger is not hopeless. The worst enemy is apathy.” Therefore, we hope that everyone can help the people who are suffering from world hunger by donating. Last but not least, remember that everyone can save someone’s life by giving more care. 

16 August 2021
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