CBD Supplements: Helping Or Harming Your Health

CBD hemp oil, as name suggests, is extracted from hemp plant’s stalks and flowers. Despite its source, it does not contain any psychoactive component i. e. THC. Before diving into minimal CBD side effects, it’s important to note what is CBD and where people are using it at first place.

CBD is a nutritional supplement that contain around 400 therapeutic components. CBD supplements allows body to quickly interact with ECS present in body. They, ultimately, work together to regulate brain, hormones and immune tissues at an optimal level. CBD hemp oil, does not cause any serious harm to any human being as government portray it to the world. It is a source of great relief to irritation, pains and combat anxiety. CBD oil are widely used to deal with various medical issues i. e. in retaining heart health, cancer treatment, brain development, insomnia and diabetes treatment. Plus, it also gives treatments to psychosis, epilepsy, arthritis, mad cow and eczema. It encourages healthy weight and stimulate hormones and immune system. Well, CBD hemp oil has minimal side effects, but it’s good to be aware of possibilities. Ignorance can be dangerous to human life or health. Following are CBD supplements drawbacks that should be considered before using it blindly for all health problems.


Mostly, consumers who complain about CBD oil mostly use poor quality or impure source of CBD oil. As many small firms are producing CBD oil that may have varied CBD levels that can harmful to health. Thus, before using CBD oil as a health supplement, one should not compromise on quality and source of CBD oil. Make sure, you are buying it from reliable source that uses minimum or no THC level. THC is actually marijuana’s psychoactive compound that gives combination of benefits and drawbacks to body.


Comparatively very few studies showed that doctors suggest or recommend CBD products in pregnancy meantime. Always take precautions or doctor consultation about taking CBD hemp products while pregnancy and breast feeding. As either CBD consumption gives better results to mother and baby or not.

Drug interactions

CBD can be harmful to body if you are consuming any other drugs or medications side by side with it for a long time period. Some research has shown that CBD can prevent few liver enzymes activity i. e. cytochrome P450 as grapefruit juice does. Cytochrome P450 helps in metabolization of various pharmaceutical drugs. It is recommended that consult doctor directly if you want to take CBD tablets with grapefruits juice. As it can create fuss or harm to your liver metabolism.


CBD products and other cannabis herbs create dryness in mouth. It mainly caused by endocannabinoid named anandamide. According to studies, Submandibular glands that are responsible for producing 55-60% saliva in mouth has CB receptors. Anandamide binds CB receptors and blocks signals from brain to produce saliva that leads to mouth dryness.

Blood pressure

Heavy doses of CBD capsule can unbalance blood pressure slightly. It leads to make people dizziness and headaches to heart patients and diabetes patients. It remains ineffective to other human beings who have normal levels of blood pressure.

Excessive use

Well, CBD is safer to consume in excessive amounts for everyone, if you buy from reliable source. But it may be responsible for various health issues, if company is fake. As hemp oil contains several fatty acids i. e. omega3 and omega 6 that are polyunsaturated. They are, no doubt, extremely beneficial to health but its excessive use can harm human body. It may arise cancer, cardiac dysfunction and bacterial infections. So, it’s better to avoid excessive use of supplements from fake companies.


Excessive CBD supplements consumption can cause sleepiness to some people. It may be due to different ECS structure composition. In such situation, it’s good to avoid driving and reduce the dosage for later use. Appropriate CBD dosage helps them to experience wakefulness, active and energetic body.

18 March 2020
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