Empowering Youth for Nation Building: Strategies and Channels


“My hope of the future lies in the youths of character, intelligent, renouncing all for the service of others, and obedient - good to themselves and the country at large'

- Swami Vivekananda

The value of a nation is assessed through the wealth or assets it possesses, however by its youths. A nation can be wealthy, but what is more critical than the real wealth is the collective mind and intelligence of whose who people contribute for earning that particular wealth. As you'll see from this, rich nations will move to ruin if their newer generations are unable to stay pace with their forefathers and drive innovation and boom, and developing nations will boost their welfare with perceptive coming up with a warm youth. To quote the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi , a youth is one who works towards his future goals, unmindful of the past.

The youth of a nation decide the way it shapes up a few years into the future; they are the destiny of the developing countries like India and their actions and state of inactivity both contribute to the state of the nation. In developing and promising countries like India, the youth of the nation will contribute to its growth by travail their franchise. India is pleased with the very fact that she is that the world's largest democracy, for it to be ruled expeditiously, it has be done by people who are developed for this purpose. Bringing in positive change: India is challenged via diverse social ills. The youth of the country can use their education to fight with these issues that plague the country - they will fight each social unwell that keeps a nation down and prevents it from progressing at the speed it ought to.

Power of youth 

The greatest wealth and strength of any nation is its youth. The long run of a nation lies within the quality of young peoples in their lives. Hard work and dedication of its youth determines the sort of future, the nation can have.

Therefore, if we want to create a bright future for our country, we first want to bolster and empower our youth. The youth of any nation and society are the area of mechanical and potential energy. They are the powerhouse and repository of infinite energy. They are those who were the pride of the nation. In fact, we tend to owe our present to the youth of the previous generation who forsook their everything, even their lives for the liberty of their country of origin. Who can forget the great sacrifices of Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Bismilla Khan, Vijay Singh Pathik, Mangal Pandey etc who relinquished their everything for his or her country?

Youth makes up about 34% of the overall population of the country. This 34% constitutes for the country's future. If we are able to harness this powerhouse of the state within the right direction then the country can reach much heights. All we want is to direct the energy of our youth in constructive channels that result in development and progress. The inventive potential of the younger generation let alone their enthusiasm, energy and versatility can work wonders for the country. We want to empower our youth so that we can build a far better tomorrow. The most effective and also the initial and foremost way to strengthen our youth are to provide them better education. Education makes them scientific, logical, broad-minded, self respecting, accountable, honest and super patriotic. Without those virtues being advanced, our youth cannot stroll inside the preferred manner and they will continue to be in a deep slumber of self-satisfaction.

Role of youth

Youth possess energy, however it need to be channelized within the right direction. Misguided youth could do greater damage to the society than even the worst enemy can do. Furthermore, it is at the shoulders of the young that the destiny of the nation rests due to the fact they constitute new values, new wondering and new approaches of existence.

Society should mould itself according to the thinking of the young because it is troublesome for the older generation to have new thinking. The young must always look with hope and confidence to the long run. They must have the spirit to work among the masses and additionally provides a sense of direction for the others to follow.

Political freedom provides duties in addition to responsibilities. These are more important as the case of India because we want to be free from financial crisis, unwellness and every kinds of dissentious forces. Our political freedom should produce conditions not just for higher life however additionally for peace for the remainder of the world. The youth of India should be inspired with these ideas and build them as popular with the people as it is possible. In fact the older generation becomes hardened in their thinking. Thus it is troublesome for them to adopt a new path. The faith of the youth is never so rigid. They can adopt, modify and alter their ideas in step with the demands of the circumstances. Thus youth of India should take this responsibility on their shoulders.

No another responsibility that Indian youth can have to be compelled to take is to revive our culture. If we break our culture, we tend to misdirect the forces of modification and as a results of it no progress is formed by the society. Dr. S Radhakrishnan goes to the extent of saying, “Inattention to our culture in our universities is to no little extent responsible for the increasing unrest among the student”. His recommendation to the young is that they should “enter more fully into the experiences and ideals of the race, if they're to live more abundantly”. It is our culture that helped India to survive despite variety of destructive forces operating against it. 

The great ideas enshrined in our culture can facilitate the energies of nation within the correct direction. Thus if the younger generation doesn't take up this challenge, they had be nearly the enemies of the future.

The youth of India should attempt to provides a sensible form to the ideals of democracy that have unbroken before us. A normal person is not adventurous enough to take up the challenges to adopt certain ideals which may be better for the nation. Usually the action of the people are guided in a traditional method of thinking and additionally by the traditional conventions. It is solely the young who can accept unconventional ideas with spirit and enthusiasm.

Various social movements which seem to be the basis of progress need the help of the younger generations. For example, for the older generation the idea of having planned families might not be proper and at moments they might consider it a political move on the part of the party in power. It is so because their conventional thinking does not agree with the new set up of circumstances. But the younger generation has vision of the future and is guided by that very vision. So “a nation is built in its educational institutions” through younger generations.

India is wedded to the policy of industrial development, but no industry can make progress till men are properly trained and technologists help in the development of the industrial complex of the country. Only the new generation can help. It may also be understood that the world is standing on the threshold of supreme catastrophe and measureless record. It is the young who can give appropriate direction to these forces.

Younger generation in India has always been depending upon the older generation. Our social set up did allow them to have independent thinking and independent way of life. But now younger generation is to mould the thinking of the older generation. They will have to give proper shape and form to the policies which might have been out-dated and worn out. Only the young in India can seize the opportunities for doing something for the country. So they will give new enthusiasm and energy to carry forward the programme which has been chalked out for the country.

Responsibility of youth towards nation

The idea of national development is not achievable without the active participation of the youth in it. National development in point of fact can be perceived as along relay race. The older generation passes on the bat on to the waiting young team. The young have more concurrent dreams, passion and hopes. They are the ones who should be in the first row when the nation is in danger or at risk. Positive roles and responsibilities of youth can help to protect a country national interest, national security and ideological position. Young people in any country represent the future of that country. They have a vital role to play in the development of the country a duty they must perform. There are many ways that youth can contribute to national development. They can do so by working hard in any field they are involved in, be it the teaching, mechanic, or farming field. Working for one's nation with total devotion and commitment is an obligation for up every citizen thus the need to have orientation events for our youth to teach them what national service is all about. However, to ensure the active participation of young people in national development, they need to be supported and encouraged by the government, the private sector, the civil society and their parents. Having said that, it is also essential to note that young people must also believe in themselves; that they can become a big asset both individually and collectively to national development if they work hard. It is true that today's youth are facing many challenges, such as HIV/AIDS, unemployment and drug abuse, but there also exist opportunities to gradually overcome some of these challenges. In a situation where opportunities are limited – like nowadays – youth seeking jobs must avoid the habit of pick-and-choose; instead they should learn to take what is available till they get what they want. However, to help our youth get to where they want and enable them become effective contributors to nation-building all hands must be on deck in achieving this objective, as the youth need support and motivation. Also to enhance the participation of youth in national development, they must be given the opportunity to effectively participate in decision-making processes, especially on issues affecting their lives. 'Let us acknowledge and celebrate what youth can do to build a safer, more jus world. Let us strengthen our efforts to include young people in policies, programmers and decision-making processes that benefit their futures and ours.' Today's You this India's Future “We the educated, wise, intelligent youth are made of a different material. We have all the ingredients to be successful-honesty, hardworking ability, dedication. But, we do not have the resolve to put these to good use. Our society is full of these intelligent, honest but ambiguous and negligent towards nation building process peoples. Hence in this process of society rehabilitation contribution of this large and important section is zero.

Seeing such ambiguous and confused Indian youth, a concern arises in my mind that what will happen of this country. Reason for this concern is – “Today's youth is India's Tomorrow”, if this future is so ambiguous and confused then, how can we see the dream of healthy and developed India into reality?


Youth are the building blocks of a nation. It is a fact that the more stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is. The role of the youth in the nation-building occupies the central place. The countries which utilize their youth in as right direction are more developed. The energy and brightness of minds of youth act as torch-bearer for a nation. On the contrary, the countries which fail to realize the importance of the youth lag behind in every department of life. This is one of the reasons of the backwardness of countries like Pakistan. Hence the youth lacks proper patronage. Developed countries are totally aware of the worth of their. They consider their youth as an asset. Most important, these countries cater to the needs of their youth and provide them education, employment, recreational activities etc. such healthy and competitive environment prepare the youth to lead the country through thick and thin. If youth is not in the right direction and is unconcerned about the future of the nation, it will become a burden for the nation. Consequently, it will not play any productive role.

16 December 2021
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