Civil War In Sierra Leone

Everyone, every place has their own story. These stories can have their uphills and downhills. Marcus Thompson once describes Sierra Leone's story with these words “Sierra Leone now has the chance to prove to the world that is committed to peace, committed to human rights and committed to its own future as a productive and capable member of the global community.” What Thompson is trying to convey is that even though they went through the tough times with the war and all of the trouble the war had brought it is still possible for people to fix the things that had gone wrong and be a productive person or even community. Sierra Leone is a country is Africa that had faced a civil war in 1991 through 2002. After the war they had to pretty much rebuild the entire country both physically and socially (“Sierra Leone”). This war had effected many things such as the wildlife, the economic activity, the towns were destroyed, the agriculture plubmited, and it had taken a large toll on healthy and welfare as well as the sports and recreation there(“Sierra Leone”). There are so many aspects when it comes to war. There are many things that had resulted from the civil war in Sierra Leone, some of the things that had happened that had some of the most significant impact on Sierra Leone were how the economy was impacted, disease had spread, and the different things that had occured post war.

Every place has their own economy and their own problems. After the civil war in 1991 the economy that was already on edge began to grow even more complicated. The economy in Sierra had never been the best or even at the top of their game. Sierra Leone had always been the poorest country in Africa. “The country’s economy, already in shambles, was made worse in 2001 when the UN Security Council imposed sanctions for Liberia’s support of rebel forces in Sierra Leone” (“Sierra Leone”). The economy had already been bad and was struggling before the civil war but in 2001 the rebel forces had imposed the economy had just gotten worse because people didn't like that. The economy was doing bad beforehand and the small things were beginning to become unaffordable and people were struggling to get by the economy was doing so poorly. In the 1980s before the war the economy way already struggling and the different things just continued to grow. Things such as debt, food and fuel costs and production of things. The economy was completely destroyed by the end of the war and they had to figure out how to rebuild the economy(“Sierra Leone”). In the 80s before the war the economy was starting to get bad and by the time the war was over you had little to no economy left you had to start over and rebuild the economy from scratch. Rebuilding the economy could both be really good and really bad for those living under that economy. The economy of a country is important no matter how successful they were or are, a failure can poorly affect everyone there.

Disease plays a big factor in the way that life plays out and many different areas are affected all by different kinds of diseases. Years following the war while trying to rebuild their country Sierra Leone had an outbreak of disease. Shortly after the war had been resolved an outbreak of the Ebola virus had came along starting in Sierra Leone. After the war there was an outbreak that had affected over 14,000 people in Sierra Leone and nearly 4,000 people had died which had also taken a toll of the economy (Sesay, Shekou).The ebola outbreak had affected so many people and a fraction of people had lost their lives because of this disease that no one had any control over because they were trying to rebuild their towns, economy really everything.There were many ways that ebola could have been spread considering it was a very contagious disease.This ebola outbreak was quickly spreading through the water both during and after the war (“Liberia”).Ebola had been spread throughout Sierra Leone through many different ways but throughout the water the the most common there it had also seemed to be the most efficient way for it to spread. Ebola was a very contagious disease that had taken to many people because it was too easy to be spread especially with it spreading through water.

There are always a before during and after war way of things. Things turn out to be completely different after war then the way they were before war. In this case, Sierra Leone had a traumatic experience and was not the same after the war. After the war was over there was an election held to establish power in order to make change and to begin to rebuild the country. In 2003 after the war was over there was a democratic election and was inaugurated in 2006 which was trying to make movement the rebuilding of Sierra Leone's economy. They also were trying to bring easier access to water for those in Sierra Leone because up until 2005 there was no access to tap in Monrovia (“Liberia”). Water access was limited during the war due to the economy failure. While trying to cope with the loss of everything from the civil war they held an election which had encouraged to push the rebuilding of the economy. The election ended in a result of a reelection for Kabbah by majority, wanting to rebuild quickly to make improvements for Sierra Leone. May of 2002 after the war was over the first election was held and Kabbah won reelection with the majority vote. With that the administration pushed for reconciliation and security as well as fighting for recovering the economy (Sesay, Shekou). They wanted to have the election to push those to rebuild their country quickly and efficiently. The majority had also voted and agreed that reelecting Kabbah would be the best choice for rebuilding Sierra Leone. Even though there was a lot of bad to come out of the war there was still a fair amount of good to come from it after the war.

Sierra Leone was faced by many things as a country in Africa. They had to deal with loss and having to learn to cope with it. They had also learned how to come together as a country and rebuild. The government of Sierra Leone had to figure out how to rebuild a whole country physically and socially in a timely manner but also make sure it was efficient while making sure it is a quality job even if it means facing disease and a faulty economy. You may also get some positive things out of having to start over. Things such as coming together as a country, fixing your flaws and making sure things get done correctly as well as making that change for everyone. Sierra Leone, country in Africa, had lots of loss resulting from the civil war that had begun in 1991. They had been faced with a destroyed economy, ebola outbreaks but they also had things that were beneficial post war such as an election.

07 September 2020
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