Class Reflection: Looking Back at Taking a Sociology Course

As the semester comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the classes I've taken over the past few months. This semester has been challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. I've learned a lot and have grown both personally and academically, so that's wht I decided to write a class reflection essay.

One class that stands out to me is my sociology course. I was initially hesitant to take this class, as I didn't have much experience with sociology and wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it. However, as the weeks went by, I found myself becoming more and more engaged with the material.

Throughout the semester, we delved deep into various social issues that are prevalent in our society. We examined the roots of inequality and how it has manifested in different communities across the world. We discussed the different forms of inequality that exist in our society, such as economic inequality, racial inequality, and gender inequality. We analyzed how these forms of inequality are often interlinked and how one can perpetuate another. In particular, we studied the impacts of race and racism on our society. We explored how race is a social construct that has been used to justify discrimination and inequality throughout history. We discussed the ways in which racism has been embedded in our systems and institutions, perpetuating the marginalization of certain communities. We also explored the impacts of gender and the ways in which gender inequality has persisted in our society. We examined the social constructs surrounding gender and how they contribute to gender stereotypes, discrimination, and oppression. Throughout these discussions, our professor encouraged us to think critically and to consider the different perspectives and experiences of those who are affected by these social issues. We were encouraged to have open and honest discussions, and to listen to the experiences and opinions of our peers.

One of the things I appreciated most about this class was the way in which it challenged my preconceptions and forced me to consider different perspectives. I realized that many of the assumptions I had about society were based on limited information, and that there were many complexities and nuances that I had never fully considered.

Overall, this class challenged me to think deeply about the world around me and the ways in which social issues impact different communities. It has given me a greater understanding of the complexities of these issues and has inspired me to become more engaged in social justice and activism. I am grateful for the knowledge and insights that I have gained from this class and know that they will continue to inform my perspectives and actions in the future.

Looking back on the semester as a whole, I feel a sense of accomplishment and growth. I've learned a lot and have gained new insights and perspectives that I know will stay with me for years to come. While the challenges of the past few months have been difficult, I feel grateful for the opportunity to learn and to be part of a community of scholars who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

04 April 2023
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