The Mind-Body Connection: Insights from Physical Education Practice

Physical Education Reflection Essay. With this subject, I always woke up early in the morning to attend this class and learning something excitement. But every time we have a class in Physical Education, I can't deny to everyone that I'm always sleepy because it is very early to attend a class. So, sometimes I'm still lying on my bed while listening to our teacher. But the most suprising here, is when our teacher want us to perform a dances, or an steps but we're not ready, I can't change the fact that I needed to get up in order to do that performance. So, Physical Education can really change our lifestyle.

Many people do not believe that a quality of physical education course can be delivered in a completely online environment. I as a student, I can say that this differ in development of the online PE course that we've been expepriencing in today's school year and I would like to share some learnings insighst and my experiences as a student. So, Physical Education understood as gaining expertise of with the beneficial aid of movements of physique and realizing the benefits at mental level. It in reality capability coaching via the use of physique and bodily movements and deriving to obtain for social gain. When we talk about it, I don't have that much capability and knowledge about physical education prior to taking this course, and this classification allowed me to prolong my questioning and the property that I will perhaps have in the future. 

From the lesson that I learned in this semester, this was all about the Social Dances which it allows us to be more cooperative and approachable to each and every one. As we all know that Social Dances is a category of dance that is done with a category which a dances are recreational and performed with a partner. So, the most memorable for me in taking this course with an online class is when we did the live presentation of Basic steps in Cha-Cha-Cha and Basic steps of waltz, I taught about the perspective of the dance which the steps or formations are needed to be neat and well while performing and just enjoy and go with the flow even if its hard to follow because of this kind of situation of learning. Also, it made me realize that the best thing to do is to cooperate in the class because it acquired me to boost my self confidence even if I'm not a good dancer and about the steps, in the first place it is hard for me to follow because I don't have a partner which is needed, and having a partner can have a better performance and nice posture while performing but still I manage to do it, because I have a determination in life and a goals for myself. 

Also, seeing my classmate enjoying in virtual presentation, it gives me excitement and happiness because we are still doing our best in performing and doing great things even if its hard, and I can't denied that I laughed so hard when my classmates are performing , especially to my friends. But I know that for us, as an A9 students, as a friends we're just enjoying about it. And we recorded each other, and send in our group chats, post it in social media and we proudly represent our section that are full of confidence and also to our teacher which gives us also happiness and just go with the flow with us. 

So, I learned that the most important in this kind of situation is being happy always in all we do in our life, and don't think about the negative things that affects us during this bad situation, we need to think the positive one in order for us to overcome all the challenges in life, and also always remember that dancing can gives us chill and forget about problems in life. Because of that this allowed me to show up at bodily teaching in a new issue of view and truly take a show up. So, they can be as healthful as possible. I ride like I decided a lot of treasured matters in this class, that I will be successful to find out about in my future search for about it someday. Some of these things are the way we deliberate the in-class teachings, I sense like the use of all have a templates and breaking down, truly allowed me to look, to show increased content. So, this used to be a very modern-day way to get us questioning about strategies that we can come up with to make a better that affects us as a college students to have a get proper of entry to tools that will make us to have an exciting, at the same time as we do the dances, I will take all of these in reality because it is really helpful tools that have been taught to us and consist of them into my future, instructing through way of continually searching out as soon as extra and seeing how I learn as a students, take a exhibit up to be and address all the challenges that may also moreover in addition arise. 

Overall, looking to the entire thing that we did in class, in reality gave me a terrific show up at how necessary it is for the formative years to revel in the exercise they are doing, if us as the students is no longer put a lot of effort into the way we are going to learn the subject, then it will be no longer feasible to us. I desire to put in strain all of this through way of intelligence of way of assuring myself and my future that I am putting all the effort to make awesome that as a student, I will show up at the entire lot that I have equipped for my future. Also, that it is simply amazed me used to be what we have been learning in fact a few days in the actions requirements and the activities that we did, this made me truly rely on of the entirety and how from time to time. It's now no longer as healthful as we think because some of us lose an interest of it, and they are not that cooperative as we think, because comparing in face to face class everyone needed to participate and they can't decline the command of a teacher.

10 October 2022
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