Comparison Of Davy Crockett And Andrew Jackson

Born the same yet ended so differently, Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson had different realities with similar beginnings. Contributions from these two defended our life liberty and the pursuit happiness. Polar opposites with different goals that in the end did equal justice. The differences and similarities between the two frontiersmen will be stated in this essay

First off, Davy Crockett was born and raised a frontiersman. From the young age of 8 he was already hunting and an expert with a gun. During the war of 1812 he enlisted in a volunteer militia. This was his first encounter with native discrimination and Andrew Jackson. During his time in the militia Davy Crockett grew sick and tired of the way Natives were being treated. After the war he decided to get justice for the Native Americans and run for office. He was seated in office and spoke against Andrew Jacksons “Indian Removal Act”. Even though he ended up losing and moving to Texas this was still an amazing feat. When he got to Texas they were in the middle of a battle for independence. He joined but eventually got killed in the Alamo battle. 

Second, Andrew Jackson had a similar beginning. He was raised with nothing starting at the very bottom. He led a different path though. He then became a known sheriff and was appointed to lead the battle of New Orleans. He won and became famous throughout America. After become even more of a political and public figure he won presidency. During his term he proposed the Indian removal act. After a long battle with the cadet and Davy Crockett he won and they pushed back the Natives and expanded. People in today's time despise him for his merciless killing and discriminating against natives but back in his time he was a hero. 

Now, I will compare and contrast their impact on US society. US society is mostly based on western culture. As we know both Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson were frontiersmen. People like them shaped our society. They expanded lands creating new societies and cultures. Surviving the hardships of expansion taught them new resourceful ways to survive. To contrast the two Davy Crockett was someone who wanted more rights for the natives. This is the polar opposite of Andrew Jackson. Where Jackson was in Washington people were influenced to discriminate but Crockett’s influence on Texas was kinder and more accepting. Though their outcomes were very different with influence they were both important in this aspect. 

Next I will talk about their impact on westward expansion. Both of them expanded grand territories and fought for new land. They may have fought in very different ways but they were looking for the same goal. Jackson won and traded a lot of land expanding the US to more than half of its size but without Davy Crockett he wouldn’t have sparked any revolution for California or even come close to winning. The differences they have with this is the way they acquired this land. Jackson was cruel to natives and would stop at no cost to win. Davy Crockett respected their lands and what they claimed as rightfully theirs. 

Finally I will compare and contrast their leadership skills and methods. They both have led army’s that were full of volunteer men or people who aren’t paid but fighting for something they believe in. The army they lead were also fighting for expansion and pushing back other groups of Natives and Mexicans. The difference between their leadership skills and methods is their experience and how they treated their men. Starting with Andrew Jackson, he was always enforcing rules from being a sheriff to a difficult leader. He treated his men like they were beneath him. He wouldn’t let the volunteers leave camp and would make them kill all the natives without mercy. Davy Crockett on the other hand was very different. When he showed up in Texas and helped them plan to win independence he was very kind to his men. He didn’t act like they were below him but that they were equals and were fighting on the same terms. 

In conclusion, the two American heroes were rivals with a history that runs deep through America. The differences and similarities these two share make our home the way it is today. 

10 Jun 2021
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