Computer Use Versus Tablet And Smartphone Use

Humans have progressed a lot in the field of technology which has resulted in a lot of amazing devices in the past two decades, with each generation of any device become faster, and more efficient according to it’s size. Computers keep getting smaller, and phones keep getting larger, but is the power of the two really comparable? Since a phone can do almost anything a laptop or computer can, even run complex applications and make other software easier to use with the mobility that a smartphone can offer, but still can it run it as well as a much bigger computer or laptop?

At first comparing the two might seem outrageous since a much bigger computer would definitely outperform a device that one can carry in their pockets, but the two aren’t that far apart, since the two can run software that serve the same purpose and help users get work done but in different ways, since computers and laptops make you interact with physical hardware such as keyboards, mouse and trackpads. Whereas, on the other hand, all phones that hope to compete have a touch interface that helps make interacting with certain software easier to use and gives the smartphones and tablets an edge where one needs to be able to use touch or a stylus, such as making digital art on tablets and smartphones is easier to do than on a computer if you don’t have a graphics tablet at your disposal.

Phones also make communicating with others a breeze, since everyone is just a push of a button away whether you prefer to text or call someone and on the other hand, communications on a computer is limited since there is limited use of computers in scenarios where a computer is only being used for business call and thus most people only end up using Skype. With the progress recently observed in the smartphone and tablet market, companies like Samsung are trying to bridge the gap between the two, by introducing Samsung DeX where one can plug their phone into a dock and connect said dock to a monitor and have a desktop like experience, but this isn’t running Windows or MacOS, but a modified version of android just on a larger screen but it still helps some users who prefer to carry all their work with them and don’t like carrying a laptop or computer, which led to Samsung innovating and giving us this product. But Samsung isn’t the only one doing this, since there are companies like Razer, that are trying a different approach to this. Razer is a gaming laptop and equipment manufacturer and they recently released a gaming phone, which provides better performance than most smartphones on the market with its primary focus being to offer a better & smoother experience while running heavier applications and their “Project Linda” which is still in the conceptual stage, will use the company’s phone to power a laptop in a similar way to Samsung’s DeX, but it doesn’t use a dock but instead you insert the phone where the trackpad is supposed to be on a laptop and you’re good to go, and it also offers additional space with the added solid state drives and longer battery life for the phone with the internal batter being housed in the laptop shell itself.

Computers on the other hand are bulky and aren’t as easy to carry, but the experience on the two when compared are worlds apart, since you can’t expect a phone or a tablet with the best possible specifications on the market, to be able to compete with a powerful customized PC, since one can easily upgrade parts in a PC to make it more powerful and allow for better performance, since new and upgraded parts are released pretty regularly. Since a PC needs a constant supply of electricity to function and doesn’t rely on a battery for it’s power thus it doesn’t need to be as efficient as a smartphone or a tablet and can produce better results, but this means that you can’t just carry a computer around since it isn’t meant to be portable.

Although there are companies that are trying to bridge the gap between the two forms of technology consumption the two are in their own separate leagues and serve different purposes in a user’s life, since one offers mobility and the other offers performance. The two serve different purposes and should not be compared although phones are being used more doesn’t mean that computers are becoming obsolete since people are spending more time on their phones, but when one needs to get some work done with heavy software, anyone to turn to a computer to get their work done and not a smartphone, since with physical hardware, it makes it easier to get work done when things are related to making documents and even running heavy software such as gaming.

15 July 2020
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