Computers, Good, Bad And Handy

The need for knowledge and space to store that information has created an endless invention process in today’s lifestyles. Each new invention is one more improvement or step up that must be obtained in order to be at the top of achievement. Various sizes and uses of computers were invented and developed over the years to obtain and store such information. A readily available computer makes life more accessible, but life itself is missed during the process.

Media has shown and implied that computers were once large and complex that they were contained in large rooms and were built mainly for the larger needs of society. Large businesses of magnitude; such as airports, banks, and the government were the main users of these computers. The information contained in the computers was of worldly and complex situations not meant for the individual. The expansion of technology was developed making the computers smaller and more cost affordable. These computers were loaded with every-day-kind-of- knowledge, so that they were available to the individual public.

Ultimately, the micro hand-held computers that are called Smartphones and fit bits were invented. The computer was supposed to help the world evolve and make information gathering faster and better. However, that may not be the case. In certain situations, speed is compromised by power failures, virus attacks and no service available. Thus with the wait for data to be obtained the stress levels begin to rise as deadlines need to be met. Also with the lack of knowhow on how to use these new contraptions is in itself both time-consuming and frustrating. These signs become apparent when “Three in five U. S. workers . . admit yelling at their computers…” (Three in Five Workers Yell at Their Computer. Par 1)Even now with computers in our phones, it makes it both a convenience and a nuisance. The AT&T commercial “Can you hear me now?”

There are also dangers associated with the use of computers. Since the development of these innovative machines, there have been increases in the number of people that have medical conditions and accidents. It is much like having something happen weeks out from now just to look back and realize the cause and effect. Erika Christakis shows this in her article “The dangers of distracted parents” by“…Smartphones have by now been implicated in … car fatalities, sleep disturbances, empathy loss, relationship problems and failure to notice a clown on a unicycle…”. This article also discussed how the number of ER visits increased for children after the release of smartphones.

The effects of the computer age has become a major influence in changing lives. People use the computers without realizing the effects on the body because the information obtained is so intense and great that is serves as a powerful exhilarant want of knowledge. People don’t realize that their health is suffering at the use of this empowering device. Eyesight is diminished, carpel tunnel, headaches and backaches are magnified by use of computers. Stress is caused by the unknown and constant desire and necessity to use the new information-contained device. Bad posture and obesity are also computer culprits.

The computer is not the sole cause of these conditions and problems, but is has been shown that this technological device has had definite determining factors in each of the conditions. Technology has changed so much over the years. The changes have been overwhelming in the fact that it tears between the human race’s best interests or demise. People tend to ignore each other and become angered when interrupted while using electronic devices. Spouses, friends, children tend to take the back row seat to the computer thus causing depression.

Computers and children are an important part of our future. Both will be a definite part of our ever-changing lifestyles. The emphasis should be based on whether to be a positive influence or negative. If children are not guided in a direction that includes humanity than suffering will be a fact. Computers don’t have empathy or sorrow. Computers only have information. Children that grow up seeing the computer as a companion to themselves and their parents will not realize that. Slowly humanity (kindness and sympathy) will be lost if people rely solely on computers. Children of today are already feeling the impact on their lives. Children see parents using computers more than interacting with the child, per Christakis . . “. . inattention. . that the child is less valuable than an email. ”This in turn, causes the children to act out for attention. Sometimes only slightly disobedient and other times leading up to the extreme outcry of committing crimes. The parents too are so wrapped up in the use of the computer that they forget to pay attention to the child. Anger becomes present as the parent wants to stay on the computer but the child is persistent for the desired and deserved attention. This vicious circle of conflict makes the development of the computer a less desirable benefit.

Life is so ever-changing. It is a daily task to keep up with all the modernization changes. Each day there are newly designed ways to have a computer; from home-based monitors to watches on the wrist, computers have become the way of life. Some people have spent entire paychecks on the newest and latest editions, but have forgotten to look up to see the sun or the bird or what life has become. A letter in the mail is no longer an anticipated item. The phone has given us the chance at instant communication. However, it has also allowed for annoying interruptions and disrespect of a person’s peace and quiet. The human race is responsible but has been tricked into believing it cannot possibly be connected to society without it. With the ever availability of the computer, many families have become individuals. Each member has become an entity off by itself, interacting mainly with a computer. Not much time is spent in conversations or participation of family outings where there are actual conversations between members. Each has a computer and spends most of the time playing or working on it, leaving no time or patience for human contact. This is killing the humanity of mankind. Christakis writes of this in her article with a study done in Boston where “. . 55 caregivers eating with one or more children in fast food restaurant. 40 of the adults were absorbed with the phone. ”

So before allowing computers into one household and every-day life, take all things into consideration. Decide if the desired outcome out ways ones wellbeing. Know that computers are great for obtaining information and playing games but can also be destructive to the health and well-being of an individual.

03 December 2019
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