Conspiracy Theories: Illuminati, John F. Kennedy, And The Moon Landing

Conspiracy theories surround the average human in the world of education. Whether the average person chooses to ignore them or to accept them is one thing, but before any one person should put their faith in any one conspiracy theory, you must first study all the facts of that specific theory. There are hundreds of conspiracy theories that have been nagging at humanity for years; however, there are three main conspiracies that stick out more than others. The first being the JFK conspiracy theory, second is the moon landing conspiracy, and last the Illuminati.

The John F. Kennedy assassination is and always will be one of the most controversial topics of all time. Perhaps the world will never know what was behind the fateful events of John F. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1961. Many different groups have generated various theories as to the culprits behind the JFK assassination. Each grouping would claim to have the correct answer to the never-ending mystery. However, questions still exist concerning every single theory proposed. The accused killer of John F. Kennedy is Lee Harvey Oswald. If Oswald was the lone killer of President Kennedy, then one would think that all the information regarding the details of the assassination would have been forgotten over time. James A. Garfield was the President in 1891. However, he was brutally murdered by Charles Guiteau while he was still in office. Charles Guiteau was a lone assassin who was looking for a spot in political office. So, if Guiteau was forgotten, then why was Oswald not forgotten? The most probable reason as to why the JFK assassination is remembered more than the assassination of Garfield is that there have been ongoing questions and controversies over JFK’s assassination.

Almost everyone in the educated world knows about this terrific occurrence. “Fifty years after the event, basic evidence such as location of wounds, autopsy photographs, x-rays, fingerprints, accuracy of the weapon, and even the famous Zapruder film, remains controversial.” All these questions and histories indicate a mystery within itself. A point that anti-conspirists like to argue is that fifty years after the event, the truth still has not been revealed. Anti-conspirists contend that it is highly improbable that there was a secret plot to kill JFK. Guy P. Harrison takes a different point of view on this matter. Rather than choose to believe that the truth has not been officially revealed, he believes that the answer is out there, just not widely accepted. He believes that the answer is exposed through books, speakers, and websites. The problem is that there have been so many different theories and solutions that no one could never truly verify any one of them. However, the facts that are presented with of each one of these authors or speakers may not be one-hundred percent true, but each different source of information brings to light their own bits and pieces of differing facts. Many of these facts and bits of information have been dismissed by the public and considered as ludicrous. However, badly people want the truth revealed, sadly it most likely will never be publicly revealed. One reason as to why the government would not release this information is that they fear they would lose the trust of the public. Sadly, in all their attempts to maintain the peoples’ trust, all they have managed to do is lose it.

When it comes to any one conspiracy theory, one cannot trust any single source. The same is true with JFK assassination. One would have to look at all the different sources and information before they come up with their conclusion. The JFK assassination is considered as one of America’s major turning points in American history. Since the day after Kennedy was murdered, the attitudes of the average American have changed from post-World War II optimism and idealism to cynicism and mistrust of the government. Slowly Americans have been losing faith in their government due to events such as the Oklahoma City bombing cover up, the Waco deaths, and the many unanswered questions regarding the Twin Towers bombing.

In reality John F. Kennedy could have been murdered by anybody – Castro agents, mafia hit men, KGB assassins, and even the lone assassin. So, the real question is not, “Will we ever know the truth about the Kennedy assassination” but rather “Will the government officially reveal to the public what truly happened on that beautiful day of November 22, 1961”? At the age of forty-three, Kennedy was elected into office and at age forty-six he became the youngest president to have died. His presidency lasted only 1026 days and in this short span of time he stirred the emotions of nearly every American in the United States. No one was ever neutral about how they felt for Kennedy, they either loved him or they hated him. In some ways Kennedy was oblivious to all the controversies surrounding him, his goal and main importance was his country. This obliviousness most likely was probably the leading cause as to why he was murdered in cold blood.

Out of all the differing conspiracy theories, the moon landing conspiracy is by far the least credible of all. Almost all moon landing consprists have credible claims, but when those claims are studied and examined, they all fall short. The famous astronaut Neil Armstrong states, “It would have been harder to fake the moon landing rather than do it.” If anyone has ever looked up at the moon on a starry night, then they must have realized how impossible it may seem that somebody was walking on it.

Well in fact, many people tend to believe this ludicrous idea. They believe that the whole reason why the United States would fake the moon landing was too ‘show up’ the Soviet Union during the Cold War. As crazy as that idea may sound, there are some legitimate reasons behind their reasoning. During the Cold War America’s military and political face-off with Russia were at extremely high stakes. So, it is not completely crazy to suggest that the US government might have faked the moon landing in order to win this ‘public relations’ battle. If someone were to really think about how twentieth century technology worked, then a journey to the moon and back is no easy feat. Also, one must not underestimate how manipulative a government can be towards its own people. While the believers of the moon landing hoax come across as comical in their denial of one of the most thoroughly documented event of all time, laughing at their claims and dismissing their ideas is not necessarily the best approach.

A claim that believers tend to make is that if the moon landing was all one big hoax, then explain how there is so many astronauts who give personal and emotional accounts for something that did not happen? Charlie Duke, an astronaut who lived on the moon for three days, explained to Guy P. Harrison how he left a behind a photograph of his wife and kids on the moon as an eternal monument to them. Another personal experience from an astronaut who walked on the moon explained that he was inspired to become an artist because of his astronaut adventures. Commander of Apollo 17, Gene Cernan, tells us how his personal experiences humbled him when he stared down on earth. Gene also talks about how he engraved his daughter’s initials in lunar dust. Honestly, to claim that all these men were lying about their personal experiences is quite ridiculous, would be saying that dozens of astronauts have been excessively lying to the world for half a century. Gene Cernan says “When you look back at the earth, it is so overwhelming, so powerful and beautiful. You see no borders, no language differences, no color differences. you don’t see any terrorism. I just wish that I could take every human being up there and tell them to look.” It is not only just the astronaut’s personal experiences that stand out, it is there obvious passion for space exploration, their enthusiasm and their pride.

These astronauts have pride in their personal accomplishments and pride in their country. These astronauts display their pride through their actions and in their facial expressions. In addition to the dozens of astronauts that have walked on the moon, there have been thousands of people that have worked on the Apollo programs. One of the very big problems that the moon landing hoax has, is that there are just too many people who are describing the same story of a greater vision, hard work and spectacular success. There are simply just too many people and too many layers of detail for this plot to work. For NASA to have pulled this off, then they would have had to have assembled a team of actors far more superior than anyone Hollywood could have found. The Soviet Union also plays a very important role in this. For the Soviet Union to have let America sneak by them is highly unlikely. If America sole reason for faking the moon landing then when the Soviet Union fell, the truth would have already slipped out. Overall, the debate over the JFK assassination will wage on forever. There will always be debates and arguments but if you were to look deep into the facts you will find the truth yourself.

The Illuminati has been debated about for years; in fact, most people don’t even know what it is. The Illuminati is secret group of people who are bent on creating a new world order. The severity of the accusations against the illuminati varies highly. Sadly, one cannot be sure if the illuminati are real or not however, we cannot deny the facts. Numbers of influential intellectuals and freethinkers of the eighteenth century made up a secret society that was termed, illuminati. The reason that this group came to be was because the Roman Catholic Church controlled all the society’s science and philosophy. The Illuminati opposed the Roman Catholic Church and its strict rules on women’s rights. The Illuminati felt that they needed to be the liberators of their times. Whatever rumors that have been displayed about the present-day illuminati, are very un-accurate. Its beginnings were quite simple. They hated how others were treated unequally so their main goal was to have equal treatment for all. Their logic was undeniable. However, there is one drawback to how the illuminati works: they are anti-religious in all aspects. So however righteous they may seem, the fact that they despise religions gives one a slight insight on how the illuminati functions.

Another main goal that the illuminati has is that they want to create a new world order. When the illuminati reference the term “new world order’ they have means to move politics from a democracy to a meritocracy. They also mean to change our current economic system. If the illuminati were to have their way, then there would be no more Free Market capitalism. In replacement of free market capitalism, our government would have a generic social capitalism. There are many different theories and subdivisions of illuminati, but all have corrupt ends. There is no good way to view the illuminati because it stands against everything that religion holds as value. Now whether the illuminati are in fact a real organization or if it is just a hoax cast by others to scare us, there is one fact that remains certain. The illuminati may have valuable means, but their goals and priorities are far from righteous.

These differing conspiracy theories could never be solved by any one person because there is so much contradicting information surrounding these topics. Most people tend to believe the first thing they read or hear about that conspiracy however, this is the wrong approach. Conspiracy theories are out there and before you decide to delve into one, one must first check all the facts.  

16 December 2021
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