Review Of Yesterday: A Novel Of Reincarnation By Samyann

Yesterday by Samyann is a book of reincarnation. Amanda Parker a young woman saves a police officer at the state train station. Officer Mark Callahan slides off his saddle, leaves his horse helpless, he falls heavily into the clutter of wreckage. The whole damage at the scene is caused by a derailed train. Amanda pulls Officer Callahan by his collar to Ed Morgen’s antique shop nearby. Having heat her head so heavily in the pavement during the rescue mission, Amanda now lies unconscious in the antique shop with blood on her face. She is rushed to the Northwestern hospital by an ambulance.

This book unleashes more when Amanda Parker who lives with her godmother Mary Axelrod begins to have flashes of her past life. She feels connected to Officer Mark. She feels she has met him before, but she is not sure where. The ivory faced clock in Ed Morgen’s antique is another thing Amanda believes to have seen before. She knows it, she is connected to it, and she buys and takes it home. You can never feel bored when reading this book especially when you want to find out how Amanda and mark are connected and how they existed in the past. Having visions of each other, Mark is curious to investigate the origin and mystery of the clock. His findings are; the soot from the clock was from the Chicago fire of 1871, the brass shows years of machine oil, this clock certainly is from the 18th Century. Amanda’s godmother is a professional therapist; she escorts Amanda in the regression process.

After sessions of regression, Amanda finds out that she was that little girl called Bonnie with her father John Lexington in the times of the American civil war. Her mother dies at Charleston and later she loses her father on their way from South Carolina to Chicago trying to escape the civil war that had grown so intense. Ben and his wife Magdalene now taking care of Bonnie and her cousin Jack had to continue the journey. Penelope a young nurse on her way to Chicago warns Ben and Magdalene of a law that Illinois had passed; they put a stop on slave migration. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because the historical fiction and romance in it do not leave blank spaces. I guarantee readers you won’t take a break at this point as we discover new characters like Penelope who greatly shaped Bonnie’s life in 1870’s. Penelope continues to Chicago with jack and Bonnie to find the only relative of Jack living there. She enrolls both of them to school because it would be so difficult to trace for Jacks relatives at that time of war.

The missing piece in this puzzle finally emerges; A journal about the clock written by Rose. Rose is a girl who was born by Penelope on the night of Chicago fire. She writes in her diary that Bonnie got married to Daniel and its Jack who gave her hand in marriage. Jack lets his sapphire into Rose’s hand and she gives it to Daniel during the ceremony. Jacks sapphire is one of the two given to him and Bonnie by Magdalene. Mark brings Jacks sapphire and pairs it with Amanda’s that belonged to Bonnie. Surely this final connection confirms the existence of people of yesterday in today’s life. If you strongly believe in reincarnation, you have the right book to read. For scholars exploring new minds, you have the right pick, by the time you finish reading this book, you will be able to know how possible it is to have your soul transferred to another person in the next life after your death.

In conclusion, the book is educative, it possesses a lot of knowledge, it is easily understood and carefully edited. I thought that gender should matter in the transfer of soul, which is exactly what the novel has given to me.

14 May 2021
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