I Want To Change The World By Fostering People

I want to change the world by fostering young children who didn't have a chance in the world. I want to start off by explaining why I think if foster children I can change the world. Another way I want to change the world is by becoming an advocate for African Americans, and immigrants who again didn't have a chance in the world. Most people don't pay much attention to stuff like orphanages, adoption, and foster care. Honestly, I didn't either until I started watching a TV show called The Fosters. Although, The Fosters is a fictional show I looked into it and foster care has an extremely broken system that needs to be fixed. There are different types of foster care branches. There is the official one which is done by the government and there is one called privatization. Privatization is a transfer of a business, industry, or service from a public to private ownership and control. In foster care, there is something called a non-profit and a for-profit network.

For-profit companies place kids in any foster home, anywhere, and with anyone. The government pays them for each child placed in a home so it doesn't take much to qualify to become a foster parent. Foster care systems whether its government or not, doesn't really look at the child's needs and the government puts them anywhere, and with anyone. These people neglect, kill and abuse children who have done nothing to them and just want a safe place to sleep.

I recently read an article “Does Privatized Foster Care Put Kids at Risk?” The article I read started off by telling a story about a 1-year-old girl who was separated from her parents because her mom was prone to seizures and both parents did drugs and they also said they were unfit parents. The government gave the child to a for-profit company called the MENTOR network. That company gave the little girl to a family who neglected her, after finding their child filthy at a supervised visit, the biological parents complained, and the company moved the child to another home, a 53-year-old Sherill Small who less than a year later beat her to death because, According to, “Does Privatized Foster Care Put Kids at Risk?” “she was frustrated with the girl” so she swung her until he had crashed into the floor. These are one of the many reasons I want to change the world by fostering children who didn't have a chance. Although I have already chosen the career that I want to pursue, I think becoming a revolutionist primarily for colored people, can change the world or at least make a dent. Ever since the new world began there has been constant racism toward people who didn’t fit a certain description. I’m not saying racism doesn’t go both ways but it is mostly concentrated on people who are colored. Last week on my bus a Caucasian female (Hanna) who was in 6th grade told a black female (Zoe) who is also in 6th grade to “go back to Africa”. Racism has affected the young and the old when the Hanna told Zoe to go back to Africa that not only affects Zoe but it affects all the black people on the bus.

Racism does not only affect black people. It affects anybody who isn't considered “White” or from this country. There are undocumented immigrants all over the country, families who get broken up every day because they didn't get accepted into the U.S. Most families come to the U.S to get a better life, They pay their bills, their taxes, and raise their children. Most immigrants don't hurt anybody they do their best to live peaceful lives until one day ICE comes knocking on their door to deport them to their country or hold them in a detention center. According to Living Conditions in Immigration Detention Centers, “Not only do detention centers feel like prisons, in many cases, but they are also actually housed in correctional facilities, which are either operated by the federal government, the state, or an outsourced private company. Also, until you are released on bond or "reasonable supervision" or are granted the right to remain lawfully in the U.S., you may not know for how long you will be detained”, when immigrants are brought in they are treated like prisoners who robbed a bank or killed someone, when is truth all they did was try to have a better life for themselves, children and family.

13 January 2020
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