Critique Writing: How To Be A Digital Innovator

The age of Information has rapidly evolved over the past years. This has caught everyone by surprise and thus every individual I adopting to the newest innovations that Information system has to offer. Keeping up with the challenge, every individual has continued to upgrade their knowledge and every business has continued to improve their IT infrastructure to suit their business needs. Even the CIO’s have faced a lot of challenges in keeping up with technology & the flow of Information.

This article discusses about how challenging the job of a CIO has become in recent years and how the age of information has taken a new step in providing all information in digital form with easy and quicker access. Not only that the digital transformation of information has a new era of digital marketing, social media, cloud information with enhancements embed in smart phones being able to support these features. These models are creating greater opportunities for businesses and organizations. The CIO’s will be the better opportunists to lead this innovation and to drive this digital era into the next chapter. Mr. Lambert highlighted that technology is one of the greatest priorities in every organization and among board level executives today. Moveover, Mr. Mckinsey’s research shows the involvement of the executives in considering the impact of technology in their business. According to IBM, technology has moved to priority 1 for every CEO. Every organization and Manufacturing company will be adopting to digital technology so that productivity is maximized, and service is economized. By the use of technology, newer business models have been designed to accommodate for both training and management. More funding has been allocated to target greater success with the use of technology and its data processing through to all departments. It needs to be looked as an organization point of view as suggested by Mr. Lambert. He also mentioned that business processes need to be piloted in a more efficient manner and new innovations to be introduced.

Furthermore, Mr. Lambert also emphasized that the inclusion of a wider business strategy, product process and IT should work together as a team. Many more business organization that has considered technology as a strategy of growth has taken success over the years. Organizations such as Banks, Car Insurance and HM Revenue and Customs have piloted business strategies and IT to take success of their organization to another level.

I strongly agree with this article as this is the age of information. In every aspect of our life, we are involved with information which is readily available through the World Wide Web in the form of data. Businesses do need to think of newer innovations to streamline their processes. This will be more efficient in terms of product development and providing of services. This will also eliminate risk factors of uneconomical customer services and aid in communication. With the use of decision support systems, decisions are made effectively. Businesses can look at the areas where they need to be more productive and maximize support. All businesses try to meet the Global competitive advantage with the use of business process management tools (BPM). The continuous reform of total quality management and business processes has lead to organizational achieving spectacular improvements in business performance. Technology has become an important instrument in supporting more complex scenarios and improving business operations. The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also taken another step. With the inclusion of AI, many business processes are streamlined to process quickly. For Example, with the help of AI, Rolls Royce, the engine maker was able to establish an innovative center to be able to deliver AI powered services to the airlines. This design will be able to optimize operational and environmental data to simulate its performance and will be able to predict the remaining life of engines. It will also be able to analyze its environment incase of engine failure and be able to stay in air for a longer period before emergency landing.

The AI strategy has also been introduced in the health care system in Dubai to improve its health care facilities. With the use of next generation technology, a learning algorithm adopts to a patient’s metabolism to administer the correct dose of insulin when required. This system will also be able to train staff on the data it has gathered on the newest diseases and preventions. Computer based information technology has advanced in recent years which lead to a wide variety of systems managers finding innovative technologies. In fact 69 percent of the educators who have invested in IT said technology is the key in helping them expand their classroom content to a much greater extent. They also mentioned that technology is a great motivator. 74 percent of the businesses use technology in their day to day operations and 83 percent have a website today.

To conclude, technology has taken number 1 priority in most of the businesses these days. Doing business has become a challenge and with the use of technology, people are able to increase their productivity. Most businesses are now more interested in knowing the future of technology. Businesses are now involved with IT audits to check for the most effective and efficient ways and to be more proactive in avoiding any disasters in near future. While lecturing extensively on MBA and MSC programs, Mr. Rob also focused his research on the digital competence required to deliver effective business transformation as well as the challenging role of CIO’s. Besides having an efficient IT system, the CIO’s also need to inspire people to be able to learn and work collectively. People development should also be a relevant factor in the digital era.

13 January 2020
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