Debating Is Space Exploration Worth Its Cost

At the moment, some people fell that the enormous cost of space exploration is justified because of the the scientific benefits it has brought to mankind, while others feel the exact opposite way that there are more pressing prob,ems that should be tackled. What do I think about that? Well, in my opinion I agree with the people in the second “team”, because there are a lot of things which are more important than space exploration. The main question the anwer of which should be found is space exploration worth the cost? This essay analyses current controversial topic. 

First and foremost, space exploration could be one of the most impressive things the humanity clone, but there are actually some things or conditions more important than space, while conditions governments should pay more attention to. One of these conditions is the hanger, especially in Africa. Kids are dying while NASA explores the space and other planets, children and families that didn’t do anything at all but just don’t have money or the goods to keep themselves up resulting in death or serious illnesses. For example, how much money does a space headquarters spend on a rocker, that’s right a great deal of money, they could give a small amount of money to feed, and make easier the people’s life in Africa.

Another cardinal thing that is not rare at all is the deficiency of school products for the children’ best education such as more classes, material for experiments or for gym equipment. Also, space headquarters could donate some money for families that cant afford school products or other school themed things. 

Last but not least, health problems have been noticed a lot recently. Recent studies have shown that the 35% of homeless people get cancer as a result dying in the passing away in the streets. In my opinion money should be delivered to them by governments and rich people by donations. These people don’t desert that kind of live and we should make a move and help them out.

On the other hand, space explorations are very important in our lives. NASA tries its best to provide us with the best news and word hard for our future. Furthermore, all the space themed companies say that in 2024 there will be space stations in the moon as soon as the money needed will actually be given to them. Nowadays, people are trying to travel to another planet Mars which will make us even prouder about our existence.

To sum up, all the money governments gain, should be given to more important things than the space exploration. Humans are dying and we should take care of it if others won’t.

11 February 2023
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