Development Of Juvenile Delinquency In Modern World

As we all know that juvenile delinquency is causing a big problem in our society, and it is a problem that is getting worse every day. It has to be stopped with different methods. In 2006 boys had more than the seventy percent of all juvenile arrests. As we all know, juvenile delinquency include drugs, stealing, arrests and even the death of people. Knowing this is obvious that this should be stopped, therefore, the consequences are lethal.

One example in Chile is “Cisarro” that has been taken to jail thirty two times because of severe problems. He is a minor that commits crimes like a thirty year old person. At the age of ten, he already stole cars and the police has imprisoned him many times. The government has tried to help him with money, shelter and a kiosk for his mother. But he is very obstinate and he does not understand that what he is doing is bad. He continues, with other adolescents, to steal more and more. How do you stop this? One way is by letting him know the consequences of his acts and giving solutions and methods to start a new life.

We all dream with the day that juvenile delinquency is finally stopped. That dream will happen when all the solution that government creates cause an effect. There are many solutions that people may do, but there are two that are the main ones. One of them is by educating children since they are born. Education is directly related to juvenile delinquency therefore, the government needs to be sure that children go to school the fourteen years they need to go. The government should teach parents that their children yes or yes need to go to school. Moreover, in school there should be a subject called “Guidance” that teaches and talks about juvenile delinquency and its negative consequences.

There is no child in this world that has not watched TV at least one time in his/her life. But, there are many children in this world that do not watch violent programs. Many of the poor children see the drug dealers and the thieves with a lot of money, so they think that if they do that maybe they will not be poor again. How can government prevent this? Well, parents should make sure that their children do not watch these things and worry with who and where they go out.

When someone watches an adolescent or a young kid making something not corresponding, the first thing people say is: “the parents of that kid do not know how to raise a child”, and that is right. People may question parents because if they have a child that is a delinquent, he must have a mother or father that does not give him a bad example. For example, if the father of a child steals, there are many chances that the son will also steal, because he does not have the model of a good person. The same happens with the place they live. If that child lives in a place where seventy five percent of the population steals, there are many probabilities that this child will also steal, because he will be surrounded by people that do the same thing since they are the models around them.

The idols of every child are their parents, and if they see their parents doing something “interesting”, they will try to do the same. For example, a boy sees them jumping, he will try to jump. However, if he watches their parents stealing or doing a bad thing since he/she is born, they will think it is good and, obviously they will do the same. Another reason why the family, mostly the parents, have an effect on juvenile delinquency is because sometimes the parents of the young boy forces him to steal. This is because sometimes the money does not seem to last with what the parents steal, so they oblige their sons to steal to get more money. This is how their children get used to doing that and continue all their life; sometimes families are the biggest cause of juvenile delinquency.

If you ask me where juvenile delinquency is more common, the answer is in Latin America, in countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile. In Chile many kids also steal, kill and smoke drugs. The result of a research sponsored by the ILANU magazine, which takes information of the security systems in eighteen Latin American countries, informed that seventy five percent of the delinquents in these countries are boys. Furthermore, most of the cases in which police takes delinquents to jail are poor boys.

In the other hand, children do not always work on their own. This means that, kids have gangs that steal, smoke and kill. For example, “Los Z”, a Mexican group that has taken many lives. This is not an all kids group; there are kids that kill the same as an older member of the group. In many cases, the police is not able to stop these groups, and in other cases they are simply afraid to be killed by those guys. Sometimes they know that the delinquents of these groups are “special”. So, they think it is better not to get in their way if they don’t want to be killed. If police cannot stop them, who can? We only have to have faith.

As you already know the punishment for every person that commits a crime is go to jail. Nevertheless, for a juvenile delinquent, it is different. Before going to jail, they follow a therapy to know what type of problems they are causing in the world. Before he is eighteen years old, he goes there. When he is eighteen years old, he goes to jail. Also, as that delinquent has killed, he is having more psychological problems. His head is getting darker, dirtier with all the wrong things he has done.

There is a very important book called The Outsiders that is a perfect example about juvenile delinquency, showing how life is if you are one. Some kids have gone so far that they have killed their relatives, making the rest of the family be afraid in which circumstances they have been living. Juvenile delinquency is the worst thing in society because if you do it when you are young; imagine what consequences can be when you are older.

Writing about juvenile delinquency is not only a duty, but a need. People may understand what juvenile delinquency is, what the consequences are and how it changes the world. People that have been jumped or attacked by a juvenile delinquent may have a trauma until they are older, because since the delinquent is so powerful when is young, no one can imagine how they can be when they grow up.

10 September 2019
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