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Many high school students who come close to graduating must come to a decision as to what they want to do afterwards. This is why they are given the opportunity to apply and attend college in order for them to experience and see if it is what they want to do. The majority of students do decide they would like to continue their education higher therefore it is common that with the help of their school they apply to as many colleges as soon they can and make sure they are prepared for it. Although it is always highly recommended for students to attend college or are pressured into it when in reality many do not wish to continue their education. Some students choose to take a different approach that is easier for them in order to accomplish what they want. It is important for students who are sure of what they would like to do in their future to look at their open options that they have and choose what they think is best. For students who are unsure of what to do after graduating to ask for help and guidance but at the same time not to feel forced or pressured into things. College comes with many opportunities for many people but it does not seem to be fit for everyone.

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Higher education is introduced to students as early as middle school in order for them to start thinking about their plans for the future when they graduate. As well as it is to introduce students to college and start planning for their future at the same time they can also feel pressured into thinking that it is absolutely necessary to also let students know that going to a four year does not necessarily have to happen right after graduating high school. For example, based on Goodwin, liz’s article from ProQuest “EdWeek’s Catherine Gewertz notes that the authors seem to anticipate that concern, writing that students should be able to change their minds about whether they want to go to college or try a different career at any time. But the report also argues that ‘the coursetaking requirements for entry into the most demanding four-year colleges should not be imposed on students seeking careers with fewer academic requirements.’ Students should not be pressured into choosing to go to college if they do not want to because there are other ways they can choose to do so for their future. Then there are students who just do not see college in their futures and would like to take a different approach. Based on the article from ProQuest by Fullwood, Reggie “Again, as we deal with the realities of life, college cannot continue to be the only primary option that we promote to youth. Professional trades can be a means of helping young men establish long-term careers that lead towards entrepreneurship and long-term economic stability.” College should not only be the primary option in someone’s life, there are many other job opportunities that do not necessarily require having to go to college. Students should be encouraged to make their own choices whether it is to go to a four year, community college, or working, etc. Based on peoples personal opinions some say they were pressured into college when they did not want to and in the end they ended finding a career that they enjoy and have a good career. Sometimes it is good to have some form of guidance in order for them to find what they want to do in their lives, but it is also very important for people to make their own choices in life.

Many students who choose that they would like to go to college are sometimes forced to change their minds sometimes. About 50% of people that can not afford to go to college based on tuition raise more every year therefore some of them have to take a different approach in their lives in order to get what they want. Based on the article from ProQuest Biden: All students should have the chance to go to college by Shalalsh, shamieh “Duncan said it worries him that the middle class is starting to feel that college is not for them because of its hefty price tag.Tuition has tripled at public four-year colleges since most high school seniors were born, and the average graduate leaves college with $25,000 in loans, Biden said.” Many students decide in the end that college just may not be fit for them because they can not afford to pay for it since it keeps increasing. Some students decide to take loans to help them afford college but then in the end they will be in debt for a long time and will be expected to pay that money back at some point. This is mainly the reason why some students choose not to go to college after High School, but I personally believe that every person should have an opportunity to go to college if they wish to do so. I do not think it is fair that students who are middle class and can’t afford college must lose a great opportunity of becoming very successful and not being able to complete their dreams that they have.

Although students at an early age are introduced to college so they can have an idea about what it is and for them to mainly start thinking if they would like to attend after graduating high school, but the majority do not worry about it at the time because there is still enough time for them to think about what they want to do. This is why it is very important for students to start investigating and preparing for college as soon as possible. The majority of students who decide that they would like to go to college it isn’t until their senior year most likely that they finally start to worry and think “ what am I supposed to do, how do I prepare for college?” Based on the article from ProQuest Quality College For Everyone by Kanamaru, Taici “According to the website, CPSi provides students and their families with an individualized, objective plan and assistance to achieve their college admission goals. From college selection, applications, and essays, to interview coaching, and scholarships, the company empowers both parents and students with motivating facts that lead to a successful college admission outcome.” Students can first begin to prepare by going to a college counselor that can help guide them through the processes of how to prepare for college such as applications and applying for the colleges that they would like to attend. After getting that out of the way they can then focus on opportunities to make college life a bit more helpful for them such as scholarships. According to the article from ProQuest Students wanting to go to college should prepare as early as possible by Bishop, Kristen “ She also urged students to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Most colleges offer scholarships for students that have proven success in high school, but many foundations and other private entities offer scholarships as well, she said.” Scholarships are a great way of receiving free money and can help them pay for some of their college. Many students may not be able to afford college but they still find ways to accomplish what they want and it can be easier for them with a bit of help from others. For example in Kanamaru, Taici’s article Quality College For Everyone from ProQuest Students who come to the seminars are usually sophomores or juniors. Fall is the time of the year many students sign up for the program because that is around the time they start realizing the need for help.” Many students need support from others because they are unsure of how to prepare for their future.

Every person has their own reason why they choose to go to college with a different goal they would like to accomplish. People have big dreams of having a career, something that can be challenging though is having to continue education even higher and that is going to college. The majority of jobs these days require a four year degree or more in order for students to get the job that they want and it may be difficult for students that do not want to continue higher education. Based on how every year there are more jobs that require a degree many students are forced to make sacrifices which is a good thing because they can challenge themselves into accomplishing what they want. This is why it is important to individuals to decide early if they truly want to go to college or not because if they do then that means that they are going through with it all the way. Individuals who are not sure and decide to go to college may not have some difficulties because if the choose for example hallan that college is definitely not for them sure they can choose to drop out if they wish but then they might be in a situation where they ar left with debts to pay off when they were not necessary in the beginning. It is always important that students have people for guidance and support when they are stuck and are not sure what to do, but it is also important for them not to feel pressured into doing something they do not wish to do with their future.

Many high school students who come close to graduating must come to a decision as to what they want to do afterwards. When the time comes students are often thinking if college is for them or if they would like to do something else in life. Everyone is different and has their own valid opinion if college is for everyone or not, but the main thing is for them to make their own decisions without being pressured and being supported. 

16 August 2021

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