Why College Education Is Important To Me

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, the leader in the civil rights movement, once said, 'The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.' True education is that which prepares you for life. It makes you learn, cultivate and develop the healthy values of life. The education must make you competent enough to cross the obstacles, hardships and hurdles of life. It is the means of developing oneself intellectually and socially. A college education is exceedingly important to me because life is full of opportunities and to make my future successful, I must take advantage of those opportunities.

Education, to me, is not the traditional education in a four-wall classroom environment: it is education for life. My father was not able to attend a college or university because, in Sri Lanka, where he grew up in, even though your scores were good and promising higher education, there were not enough facilities to provide the education needed. My mother, on the other hand, was able to attend a university for two years and then she quit her education due to the political instability of the country and because she had more work experience in her field of choice. My sister is currently pursuing her degree in college and she has also been a reason as to why I want to further my education and take advantage of the opportunities waiting for me.

Not only does my family want me to be successful when I grow up, but so do I. College is an opportunity where I get to go down the path to success and good fortune after I graduate high school. College is important to me because it opens new doors and roads that would not be easily accessible to me if I only had a high school education. In the world we live in, it is better to be fully equipped and prepared with a high standard of knowledge.

I hope that my education never ends because I intend to never stop learning. There’s much more to education than just learning a profession; it is also about being able to think deeply, share ideas, express one’s self, reason and contribute to the world around in an intelligent way. If I were to not attend college, I do not think it will be a possibility for me to unlock new doors: my options will be limited. College is the stepping stone that will help me reach greater heights if I choose to accept and use it.

College is very important to me. A college degree can be my path to attain all the dreams and hopes I wish to achieve. A college degree is an admission ticket to a professional job. My college education will be the foundation of my life. I am certainly looking forward to beginning my college journey and follow my dreams. With my college education, I aspire to do more as I will be prepared to face the work of the world and step into my community armed with knowledge and skills that will enable me to be a useful and productive member of the society. 

16 August 2021
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