Discussion Of Whether Racial Discrimination Is Wrong Or Right

What is racial discrimination? And why do people continue to be racist after many things happen, and after many talks about how much the racism is a disgusting thing? When we look at the meaning of racism word in the dictionary, we see and discover that racism is not take place only in the context of ethnic origin, but also it is take place in diffirent cultures and communities. In addition, the beginning of today’s different race structures began only 100 thousand years ago. So if we have to define racial discrimination correctly; we could say that it is the unequal behaviour and distinction form to innocent people, and classifying them based on their belongings to a particular race or nationality, and based to their color, ethic origin or immigrant status. And creating them an atmosphere of hostility, humiliation, and indignity on the basis of racism. More specifically, racism is the ideas, beliefs, convictions, and behaviours that raise the value of a particular group or category of people at the expense of other groups of people, based on things related to people’s abilities, habits or cultures, and sometimes depending on their place of residence, or language. So the main question here: is the racism wrong or right?

First of all, we can say according to statistics that there are two groups of people who 61% of them said that: racism is wrong, while the other group who is about 39% said that: racism is not wrong. When we look through the group who said that it is wrong, we realise that there are justified sides. So, think that there are two kinds of horses, one of them is normal horse and the other is stripted zebra. In this case, do horses exclude zebras because they are stripes? Of course, no. Because all animals are equal. This also valid for people, we can not say this person is Jewish so he is combative, or this person is black, so he is dirty. They are all just prejudice. And, by the way, only 0.01% of our genes is reflected in our outward appearance. Therefore, everyone is equal in this world, nobody is superior to anyone. Moreover, some people says that: “Racism is wrong, because all people are the same. There is no difference in biological structure, we can not always tell about skin color, because it is wrong, it is not like black person has blue blood, or asian person has yellow blood. We all equally the same. If you know biology, we all were monkeys and then monkeys became into black people, it means that we are all black people”. In fact everything is up to people’s humanity.

Secondly, we talked about people who said that racism is wrong above. But as we know, on the other hand there are people who supporting racism and says that racism is not wrong. Again when we look through the group who said that it is not wrong, we realise that there are justified sides for them too. Racism, in their opinion, is a fear of foreigners. They think that the foreigners will kill them in the near future. They said that when the foreigners come to our country, theft, murders, and colonies increased. In addition, unemployment increased, because they work at a lower price than normal citizens salaries, unemployment rate of citizens in the country is increasing. Therefore racism is beginning to emerge in humans. So, some people says that: “ Studies show that black people are dumber than white ones, as for white men are from northern and cold places, poor in natural resources, while black people are from warm places with abundant resources. Thus the white men would have to be smarter in order to stay alive while black men don't have to think as the envoriment is in their favour. Even antrhopologists agree that the black man is closer to the apes than the white man. We're not equals”. And many more opinions.

There are some sample people on this topic, one of them is Nelson Mandela. Mandela, the icon of the fight and struggle against racism and the symbol of tolerance. He has many own timeless words which one of them is: “I despise racism because I consider it barbaric whether it comes from black or white”. He walked to freedom from prison doors, to set the future of his troubled country after spending more than a quarter of a century in prison, which is equal to 27 years. Following his demand to end apartheid against blacks, and embraced the slogan “The road to freedom passes through prison, and blacks were not born to be slaves”. And he reached his goal.

Finally, as a conclusion, I could say that in my opinion, racism is wrong. Because everyone is equal in this life, no one is better than other. And as the general law said: “everyone has the right to think or believe what they want. But treating people unfairly because of where they come from, or the colour of their skin is never okay. A lot of the time, it's against the law”. So do not let racism impact and steal you! 

16 August 2021
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