Personal Letter About BLM Movement

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I am writing to express my earnest concern about police brutality against non-violent civil disobedience from black people. From 1619, the Civil Rights movement was an umbrella which covered numerous movements to discard racism throughout America as well as attain equality of all people, no matter their skin colour. The movement and its corporations have evolved as time and societal ideals have changed. However, a new movement called ‘Black Lives Matter’ has arisen from the sudden outbreak of police brutality in America. The BLM movement was to ensure that there was justice for those who were killed though, chaos has erupted in major cities. Peaceful protests turned into hideous rampages as protestors have been met with violence such as being shot with rubber bullets, tear gassed and harmed from weaponized vehicles. We need to confront these obstacles and protect our people who are being dehumanised due to their skin colour. Moreover, stopping police brutality can offer civilians the right to equality and freedom from discrimination.

In July 2013, the BLM movement was used as a hashtag on social media after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of African-American teen Trayvon Martin. However, BLM peaked when George Floyd was killed during police custody. Organisers of BLM say that the movement was to ensure that we ‘eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene violence inflicted towards Black communities.’ The campaigns were caused by institutional racism and violence towards black people, and expresses the intentions of the police force in terms of racial inequality. Despite only 13% of black people representing the whole population, ⅓ of them were killed by police in 2015. This is absolutely appalling to me because the police force is supposed to protect lives through the enforcement of laws and regulations, not kill innocent lives. The BLM movement is powerful, larger and more global as ever. Black people have been faced with racism their whole life and finds the movement incredibly important because it educates individuals about the racially motivated violence against people with different skin. In addition, we should work on a race action plan to prevent hundreds of deaths.

It is imperative that everyone knows that the Black Lives Matter movement means that black people should be equally treated. A majority of individuals are misinterpreting this and believe that black people want to overtake other races. This affects the struggles towards people of colour because it mentally drains them; they are involved in debates with people they are trying to educate. It is crucial to emphasise that black Americans are not responsible for the existence of racism as they are unfairly burdened with the responsibility of coping with the distressing feeling of these oppressive experiences. Racism has detrimental effects and can cause socioeconomic factors associated with physical and mental health. This may include high blood pressure, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, PTSD and emotional distress. In my opinion, it is overwhelming that people with different skin colour can be diagnosed with such harmful effects. Moreover, I believe that the government should do something about the civil rights in America.

Minister, I politely urge you and the government to improve Black minority ethnic experiences and history to educate children about BLM. If we teach young adolescents early, we can reduce the racism lingering worldwide as well as inequality towards black people. More education about racism should be reinforced to raise awareness about inequality and promote peaceful futures for everyone. However, teaching children more about racism isn’t the only thing we should implement. Police officers have adopted a set of beliefs about their work and their role in society. Officers are educated to see themselves as constantly in danger as it is the only way to survive and dominate the citizens they are protecting. However, these beliefs turn into racial stereotypes because it turns officers into violent and racist people during intense street interactions. In a culture where black people seem more threatening, they feel terrorised by aggressive police officers. Officers are acting like an occupying army rather than a community protector for their civilians. This is why black people should receive equal protection under the country’s laws. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone should have the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression etc. The government has turned a blind eye to the daily acts of racist terror towards African Americans as the police force has violated their rights of freedom. We must ensure that black people have the right to live as equally as other races due to the opinion of white supremacy. Moreover, if we can implement strategies such as teaching kids more about racism and teaching officers about their actions, we can solve the worldwide act of racism towards black people.

08 December 2022
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