Color Discrimination And Racial Images

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The color discrimination was one of the significant standards anywhere in the world for discrimination. People not from Africa but in other regions also faced this discrimination because of color. It was observed that people with dark color complexion like Africans were chosen to become Slaves. They were humiliated and disrespected because of their color. The one with having more complexions like their master i.e. fair complexion were having more respect than ones with dark color. As after so many decades, their traces could also be observed as United States has faced color discrimination quite much. Besides this, author has stated about various movements against this race like movements in sixties and nineties as well which were there to demolish these disrespectful standards. The presence of these standards even in present is the proofs of author’s arguments and beliefs.

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Today, we can see fair color and complexion is preferred in Media industry or any other area of concern. Even for the advertisement for electronic or print media actors with fair color are preferred tom prevail this theory, as it has become the standard of beauty and respect. Slavery was a forced work. These slaves were not given money for their work, rather is a forceful act for them as they were threaten for their lives. They were not even allowed to take holidays even on weekends. Kenneth stamp (11956) stated in his book that they were asked to work in field on weekends; they were given holidays on Christmas but after the completion of crops in field .They were sometimes asked to work with having meal or food. Therefore, they started considering the work as punishment instead of a way to earn for living.

This could be observed with the fact that many of them in their movements started against as they thought it’s only about punishment. Therefore, they were involved many illegal activities along with the crime like robbery. Murder and gambling as well as they were not ready to do work which requires effort. Even their attitude has not changed after so many decades as many of them are relaying on welfare activities which is a proof of their hated against work. The reason they are not considering the benefits and ethics of work is due to their fears in their sub-consciousness regarding slavery and forceful work. Moreover, awareness should be provided to eradicate this concept.

Psychology of the portrayed race

Not only for Americans and Africans the concept of God has been misused by many regions and the people. For a person having good grades or promotion anywhere considers him the one who deserved for this reward. They think it was their right to get these things as they were superior to others in color and creed as well as abilities. Even the former rulers in the world were told that their family was superior to other so they have right to rule the world. As the Hitler was told that Aryan was superior to other group of families. Due to this, humans face a lot of wars just because of their cast and creed. Nit in Europe, but in the Persia the rulers also believed that it was only the right of their family to rule the people, as others were inferior to them. Even today, the concept of exceptionalism has lead Americans to target every third country and kill the innocent people, as they think that this are exceptional in their cast, creed or action. This concept has destroyed man by lives and minds of people.

The effect of racial images

It is rightly said that it’s not about the Circumstances which a man will face, it’s about the fear of facing those form which a man will suffer. In this world, where it is considered if you cannot win physically attack them mentally as they would make them to suffer a lot. Since as a person dresses good and has health good, eventually he starts thinking that he is superior to others in every aspect. The things like dress or other things have affected him psychologically to think like this. This concept was not forced in their minds it was the work of their mind as they started thinking like this. Due to this psychological effect, people started having wrong perception about God. They think the way their beliefs are, the way the God is. They basically brings the definition of God in narrow domain, as this is very broad concept to follow.

In this regard, the mind behaves as it watches the action of other people. This could be understand with the help of example, whenever a television commercial is launched for kids, they are attracted to that and force their parents for those products. Similarly when white people are shown on electronic or print media they sub-sequent changed the people’s perspective about the black as they started thinking they are inferior. So white of fair skin became the standard of beauty.

Strategies to break the chains of slavery

According to my perception the way to remove this color racism is not a one way process. It needs to be encountered and analyzed correctly. We need to make awareness for both blacks and whites to demolish these useless standards to categorize humans. As actions speak louder than words, so the use of electronic or social media should be made to raise this issue. More and more characters with morals and ethical values should be introduced in kids cartoon as they would be with leading the country in near future, so it is necessary to have their minds free from this discrimination. Besides this, black people or Africans should be guided and were about the importance of morals, ethics and values. As they think that work is only about punishment they need to have awareness about the importance of work and them of life as they are more involved in criminal activities. Hence, the two ways process will help for a better environment and society. Moreover, in order to elevate this concept everyone needs to understand and take part for a better nation.


To get free from any physical hindrance, you need to understand that first you need you get free from mental barriers which are already present your mind. This rule is applicable to every situation of life, where everyone needs to understand that every war is first fought and won in the mind and then the battle is finished on the field. It is the belief where everyone can conquer the worked with strong values. Everything is fine and will be this belief on this line has made to survive a lot of people. Soldiers injured in wars and people on the death beds have that hope which makes them to live again and fight the battle of survival. There should be awareness and radical steps taken by the government departments introducing policies. Similarly, blacks needs to be self-aware overcome this issue. They should build strong determination and self-confidence to build their image and position in society. It would be a long process but not an impossible journey to initiate. Therefore, strong determination, faith and the self-confidence will help them to survive and enjoy the benefits and incentives of living in a respectful way.

11 February 2020

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