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Discussion Of Whether Time Travel Is Ethical

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Time travel is ethical because we can learn about the past, solve unsolved crimes, and visit lost loved ones. Time travel has shown that can be very helpful in most cases. Lacking knowledge about how the future will evolve given changes to the past is no different than lacking full knowledge about the future consequences. We have the knowledge of how the past turned out but we can go back in time to see what we did wrong and improve our work. Changing the past will only just affect us so it’s better if we learn from our mistakes and make improvement.

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Being able to time travel back to the past, it can be very helpful because many scientists don’t have much information about some diseases or what the climates have been before. Time travel is ethical because we can learn about the past and that could successfully have better material if we knew about the past. It can upgrade on what we have already learned. Knowing what type of weathers and electricity, and much more can help us learn things quicker and move on things that we actually need to focus on. Like what Katherine Anne Porter quotes “The past is never where you think you left it”. It speaks about how past isn’t finished and we still have more to learn about and we should be concern about learning about the past.

Having a time travel machine could help the DEA or the police solve unsolved crimes which the cases has never closed because they couldn’t find any evidence or things to prove their point. “Past crime scenes could be reconstructed almost perfectly with multiple video recordings and three dimensional imaging techniques, and would greatly improve the quality of court evidence, and perhaps even deter crime”. Having a time machine can actually solve murder cases like Tupac who is a rapper or even Biggie that is also a rapper. By being able to solve cases can cause them to finally close then work on other cases and solve crime cases faster and easier.

Many people who has lost a loved one, feel really upset and depressed because they don’t get to see their loved ones. If people have access to a time machine to just visit and relive their past then it could actually change many people’s lives. Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes “It is not length of life, but depth of life”. It stands out by telling you that it shouldn’t matter about the length but depth so when you time travel, you should worry about the depth you go into when visiting a lost loved one. It can teach you many things about death.

Many people disagree because they think visiting lost loved ones or solving unsolved cases or learning about the past, doesn’t mean anything and you just have to move one and let it go. “People will just take advantage of the time machine”. They are not wrong but they aren’t right either because for first there is people who can take advantage of the time machine but if we had a contract signed and rules set on it, it could really help with people taking advantage and it can also heal many people by letting them see their lost loved ones. Also letting scientist and doctors and much more learn about chemicals and cures for diseases. 

10 Jun 2021

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