Discussion On Whether Companies Should Require Drug Testing

As a democratic country, the United States gives more freedom to its citizens. For this reason, any interference with privacy causes protests. Many people are against drug testing, as they consider this a violation of their rights. However, drug abuse concerns the life of not only a specific person, but also those around him. Therefore, more and more areas of activity are considering required drug testing for admission to work. Indeed, companies should require a drug test so that they can protect employees and customers, ensure the level of business performance and protect the company's business reputation.

By requiring a drug test, companies protect their employees and customers. Often people spend more time at work than at home. Any person, regardless of whether he works in a small company or in a giant corporation, wants to feel safe among colleagues. This is important for the personal safety of the team, as well as for customers. For example, a drug addict employee may make blunders in the production of a product or service. This can harm the customer, causing him material or physical damage. Thus, the safety of employees and customers of the company is one of the most important reasons why drug testing should be allowed.

A company’s drug test requirement can provide a high level of business productivity. When an employer hires an employee, he expects to receive a certain level of efficiency from him. Very often, drug use may mean that an employee will perform less work or do it not in a quality manner. Also, a drug addict employee may not go to work or violate safety rules. For example, if a worker under the influence of drugs caused some harm to himself at work, the company would incur additional medical expenses. If a company wants to avoid unforeseen financial losses and to provide the necessary level of productivity, it must carry out a test for drugs when hiring.

With a drug test requirement, a company can protect its business reputation. In the face of fierce competition, every business is interested in reliable and stable employees. Drug-addicted employee may produce substandard goods and services. In addition, customers can reach competitors if they find out that services are provided by addicted people. For example, once the company I once worked for hired a lawyer who turned out to be a drug addict. No one knew about this, since a drug test was not conducted. The management found out about this only when, due to the poor-quality work of a lawyer, several large clients went to competitors. Reputation was very badly stained. If an appropriate test had been carried out, this would not have happened. Thus, in order to preserve their honest name and business reputation, companies must require a drug test.

In conclusion, drug testing must be compulsory when applying for a job in order to ensure the safety of employees and customers, guarantee the level of efficiency required for the company's operations, and preserve its business image. This process should encourage people to be more responsible for their actions to others.

10 December 2020
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