Drones Are Rapidly Becoming Part Of Our Lives


Drones. Non-human planes they’ve become a famous sight in the last few years and people are using them for all sorts of purposes: kids to play, adults to take aerial vacation selfies, companies are training their personnel in drone use and multinationals are operating in drone equipment and software development.

Current features and capabilities

Drones use batteries to fly they are controlled remotely by devices also work on rechargeable batteries, drones go up easily because they have 4 fans help them to control directions also. They use the latest known technologies in the airplanes field so we see drones get smaller all the time and hold heavy things as well drones are environment friends since their fuel is batteries. They are easy to get new system control updates and capabilities updates as well. They also use GPS feature and can back to the last point they lose control in.

Major use and benefits

Military Field: Drones first idea is to replace Military planes to avoid people lose, and this is the most using field. Also drones used to discover dangerous places as well.

Agriculture: Drones are used to irrigate wide lands so they reduce cost and improve efficiency. Delivery: Drones are used to deliver packages and orders in minimum time and quick way.

Filming & video graphing: One of the most wonderful use of drones is to film movies and scan areas as well take pictures of unclear things. So they reduce the cost and time as well increase speed up of montaging.

News: As well drones used to cover latest events and news as quickly as possible since they has camera in front of it.

Other uses of drones is conversations transmitting.

Future use and possibilities

The future seeing of drones is to make all aircrafts used remotely and become economic and work with clean power. As well to allow drones to hold more heaver things and quicker than usual beside increase the safeness of its usage.

Also to make its recoding quality 4K and HD and make photos more clearly. As well use it in sports, weddings, energy generating, control traffic and roads, weather forecast, etc. As well to make them to fly higher and make decisions in case of lost control to complete their mission and get back to control. Also provide them with sensors to check temperature and errors.


Drones are the future of the sky roads they are used in all human daily tasks helping people to complete work quicker with lower cost and time.

18 March 2020
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