Eco Soap: A Pointer To An Era Of Convenience

The usage of beauty products and manicure treatment is daily gaining global publicity. Though its usage can be dated long back, there has been an exponential growth in the global usage of skin treatment and beauty product starting from the year 2015. This could be due to factors such as race, gender, targeted audience or appearance factor. The entertainment industry has been particularly promoting the usage of beauty products with so many celebrities becoming beauty products ambassadors while others act as models or even own individual modeling brand. The introduction of new products could also be met with hesitation from consumers who prefer to continue the usage of known products to newer products except when they feel dissatisfied or get positive feedback from other users. It isn't enough to manufacture beauty products without considering the market forces which either promote its growth or are against it. An investigative beam into critical factors affecting the beauty products reveals a gradual shift from customers desire for professional skincare services to the era of customers taking out time to personally attend to it except in special cases, an effect which has negatively impacted professional services. Another important contributing factor is the growing trend of Internet and social media usage in learning these services.

Additionally, consumers choice of facial skincare and haircare products are subjected to factors such as duration of time taken to apply such products, preference of a multi-purpose product to collections of skin care products, with technological advancement also being a key factor. A market force such as the growing population of Hispanics is a positive to the use of facial skincare product due to their loyalty and love for natural ingredients. The market is also on the positive side for the increase in the number of female population. Conversely, the market growth signals can be altered with the decline in the population statistics of children population. The increased population of extreme aged people or ageing factors are also significant market deciding factors.

Research has also indicated that though the younger aged population lead in the usage of beauty products and females topping the chart according to gender view, females with the exception of the Hispanics desire more than the natural look. Similarly, a disparity in the likely influencers of decision making shows that while men are more concerned about the features, females priority are in the review and ingredients used.

Conclusively, usage convenience is a key factor that affects consumers decision coupled with advancement in technology. This can be likened with the usage of Eco Soap in soap usage. A technological product which has fused both convenience and technological efficiency into soap usage. It remains a fact that while the ultimate aim of manufacturing a product remains adding value to people, convenience and technological advancement are key factors in determining its acceptance as seen in both Eco Soap and beauty products.

15 July 2020
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