Effects Of Cyber Bullying On Students’ Performance In The Examination

In his 2011 study, Faryadi investigated the emotional and physiological effects of cyber bullying on the students. Spot the victims of cyber bullying and critically analyze their spirit and frame of mind so as to produce them with an executable and possible intervention in fighting cyber bullying was the objectives of the researcher. Triangulation methodology (quantitative, qualitative and descriptive) is used within the investigation. Researchers gather 365 students to answer enclosed questionnaires, interviews, checklists and observations. He found out that a big variety of the respondents thirty-five (13%) had suffered showing emotion because of cyber bullying. Moreover, three hundred (85%) of the respondents indicated that in their views cyber bullying causes emotional and psychological stress. Further, majority of the respondents 255 (70%) agreed that cyber bullying adversely affects students’ academic performance. Results further designate that 60 (16. 6%) of the respondents specified that they had bullied someone inside the university at least 2 or 3 times a month while 4 (1. 1%) of the participants said that they had bullied someone outside the university at least 2 or 3 times a month. It is interesting to note that majority of the students 75 (20. 8%) signify that they have heard bullying taking place inside the university.

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Problematic issue

Cyber bullying is an internet aggressive behavior within the digital area. Bullying could be a peer aggression which can be as damaging as typical aggression. The matter investigated in this analysis issues cyber bullying that disturbs students psychologically and showing emotion. Bullying additionally prevents students from achieving smart grades. It seems that technologies square measure in some ways in which creating a lot of stress on our young within the cyber bullying rather than to help them progress. Research have shown that young students who become victims of cyber bullies suffer great stress. There is an imperative have to perceive the issues featured by the victims in order that concrete and proactive measures may be taken by school authorities, academics, and stakeholders to deal with this world problem.

Research problems objectives

The primary objective of this investigation is to identify the victims of cyber bullying and critically analyze their emotional state and frame of mind in order to provide them with an executable and possible intervention in fighting cyber bullying.


This research applied a triangulation method to carry out the investigation. Data were collected using quantitative, qualitative, observation, and descriptive method. The study applied direct or passive observation within the investigation. In passive observation the research workers have no influence on the students. The qualitative method was used to collect and analyze data while, quantitative method was used to strengthen qualitative data.


The data for this study were collected through the following instruments: (1) Questionnaires for students’ parents; (2) Questionnaires for students; (3) Interviews with selected students; (4) Observation of participants and field notes.

Data analysis procedure

The primary tools used to analyze collected data were the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 16. 0) and Microsoft Excel to determine means, standard deviations, frequencies, counts and percentages of the data. A combination of deductive and inductive analyses was used to organize the collected data. Data were then categorized and meaningfully reconfigured. Crucial data were selected and focused, simplified and abstracted for easy comprehension. Data conformity and validity were verified. Data were cross-checked several times to determine their validity and reliability.

Major findings

When studying the effect of cyber bullying in the students’ academic performance as well as their emotion, Faryadi Q. (2011) found out that ninety-five percent of the participants (95%) denoted that they were frightened and distressed regarding cyber bullying in the classrooms, several students would be affected emotionally. Furthermore, the majority of the respondents 255 (70. 8%) held the view that cyber bullying had an adverse impact on the victims’ academic performance. Data collected from the parents 55 (22%) indicated that they believe cyber bullying may well be the most reason behind the children mood modification. Few parents (10%) designated that their children are depressed most probably due to cyber bullying. Results from observation specify that 35% of the population in the class showed sign of worries on their faces.


According to Faryadi Q. (2011) Victims of cyber bullies suffer from emotional and psychological stress, and inevitably their grades will deteriorate. Institutions, teachers and parents must realize that cyber space is a risky place and must take effective steps to protect the victims.


The following steps are needed to protect students from becoming victims of cyber criminals:

  1. Identify cyber bullying problems and discuss the problem with the students and their parents.
  2. Appoint internet safety team to monitor internet activities.
  3. Create bullying prevention policies that include lessons on cyber bullying.
  4. 4. Make rules and regulations for acceptable use of technology. Get students, teachers and parents to sign a pledge to report cases of cyber bullying.
  5. Provide educational materials for parents and students on Internet safety.
  6. Ensure that cellular phone policies are enforced consistently.
  7. Encourage students to participate in programs that outline internet responsibilities.
  8. Develop a program for senior students to teach younger students about Internet safety.
18 May 2020

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