Effects Of Phone, Laptop & Any Other Type Of Screen On Ourmental & Physical Health

Secrets behind the Screen

Phone, laptop and any other type of screen affects Our Mental & Physical Health. Every single day an average human spends 8.5 hours on their device some use it for their social life and others use it for work. Technology is bad for you in multiple ways it can affect your physical health, Cause depression and lack of privacy. Health is one of the biggest factors that keeps us alive and technology affects it a lot. People tend to spend most of their day on their phone, laptop and any other type of screen. Health affected by technology can be affected in multiple ways such as loss of eyesight and hearing.

Spending more than 3.5 hours daily on screen has had over 80/100 people getting glasses much earlier than they should. Hearing loss is caused overtime if you spend most or half of your day listening to music non-stop you can start to lose your hearing, since you are on your phone you are not getting enough physical movement of your neck causing it to strain maybe even leading to never being able to move your neck again.

Depression happens to a lot of people recently, it has been happening due to long hours of screen time. People start to lose contact with family and friends in real living and start to stay in bed instead of going out and exercising. Students would rather text instead of doing their homework and when the deadline comes nearby they usually end up stressing and panicking which can lead to depression and isolation of themselves. They isolate themselves by not interacting with people around them they just stay locked in their room and staring at their device.

Technology can lead to lack of privacy, such as the pictures you post or share online once something goes online it can never be permanently taken off. Accounts can be hacked and lead to people getting exposed in a bad way. In a few clicks anyone can locate your address and phone number. Some hackers have the ability to access your camera that puts your private life and what your doing all the time at risk.

In Conclusion technology is mostly bad for you because of its side effects such as physical, mental and privacy concerns , instead of using your phone go out and do physical activities that will not cause harm to you.

03 December 2019
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