Einstein Theory: Travelling Through Time

What if we can travel in the past and what if we can travel in the future .This may be possible through quantum theory and we can also travel with the speed of light through a wormhole it is basically a theoretical idea and scientist start believing in this when they saw this idea in different movies and fiction stories. They believe that with the help of wormhole they can travel across the whole universe from one wormhole to the next .But scientist also believe that it brings with high radiation , danger of sudden collapse with exotic matter. Worm hole contain to mouth of two with a throat .It might be wind around and also be straight stretch.The general relativity theory which was given by Einstein .It predicts mathematically wormhole existence but no one discover its existence in real Einstein named wormhole a Rosen Bridge. Einstein theory of general relativity says that “Object of high masses are able to distort the space time spectrum this will create a gravity well which will exert a gravitational pull of all matter causing even light to bet”.

One of the solutions to this theory of general relativity is a black hole. A black hole contain a gravitational singularity at its sector or a dimensionless point of infinite density that exert s tremendous gravitational pull-on everything around it at this point space time will curve infinitely .After sometimes Ludwig Planck dated that there is a possibility of a second solution on Einstein theory. This theory says that “A white hole has the reverser properties of a black hole it cannot be entered and instead it emits light and matter .Together a black hole and a white hole can form a bridge between them known as the Einstein Rosen Bridge. Matter will enter in the black hole and exit through the white hole ,However while wormholes may be mathematically possible John Wheeler determined that wormholes are too unstable for matter to travel through .He stated “it would collapse immediately when matters such as spaceship entering”. Kip Throne later proposed to stabilize wormhole with exotic matter sense exotic matter have negative energy they will be repelled by gravity by cavity instead , therefore holding the worm hole open .While small amount of this exotic matter have been created in laboratories they have not be found to exist naturally yet as of right now the consensus is that stable wormhole cannot form naturally however or current understanding of space is still very limited maybe one day in the future shortcuts in space travel as well as time travel will be possible but as far as right now we can only imagine what is out there .

The concept of Worm hole in movies. In movies they show the concepts of worm hole as a portal .In a movie “Doctor Strange” they show that he can make a portal with the help of his magic and that portal opens a gate of its destination wherever he want to move he can go with the help of its magic portal and There is also a very famous movie “Interstellar” in which they give the complete concept and facts of black hole and worm hole . In this movie scientist want to save the mankind in the upcoming future they think that Planet Earth will be destroyed in the future so that’s why they are looking for some other planet where they can live without any fear of destruction so that’s why they are trying to discover wormhole so that it will be very easy to moved on other planet for the people. This movie becomes one of the main reason to work on the concept of worm hole for the sciences of the whole world.

The concept of Wormhole is given in Quran .All the Muslims believe that angels use wormholes for transportation .They just simply lookup to the night sky and select a star as a destination by just walking few steps. [quran70.1-4]”Someone asked about the penalty that will befall the unbelievers; (A penalty) that has none to ward off; (a penalty) from Allah (who owns) wormholes [Ma’arej in Arabic] The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years”. Allah says that those wormholes are doors in the heaven that contract interstellar distances into walking distances; the resulting scenery is bizarre [quran 15.13-17]”They do not believe in the Message, Like those who preceded them; Even if We [Allah] opened upon them from the heaven a door and they continued passing through it they would say ‘Our sight is bedazzled, rather we have been bewitched’. It is we [Allah] who have made towering structures in the heavens and made them beautiful for beholders. And we protected them from every evil spirit accursed.”They think what they see is not real they would not believe in their own eyes. They wouldn’t believe that they got to those heavenly structures by simply walking few steps. But Allah insist that what they sees us real and not illusions (that is, they really got there).

Today we know that these Ma’arej is what scientist call wormholes Physicist know how a worm hole works but have never actually used one. Scientist says that worm hole is the most efficient roller coaster that person can ever imagine. There is no requirement of any kind of energy to move through it, that is , you can simply switch off your rockets. We simply accelerated by the gravity and pull through then expels the other sides.This will exactly feels like moving swept by waves at the beach; nothing more. On the way through, gravity causes the clock to run slow and ruler to shrink. But when you get out the other side everything returns back to normal your clock ruler .

Some physicists think it would never work because two of the fundamental principles would violate energy time and local energy conservation. But if its possible for us to create the wormhole then we have to keep them open and stable and then we have got to find out that it allows the matter into them with not any kind of collapsing. If in the future Worm hole will be figure out then it may not give advantage to us to go back into the past because this is against the rule of this world like if someone go back into his past and he killed himself then what will happen to him in the present so that’s why it wouldn’t be useful to go back in the past but it may be very useful to go into the future because it will give them so many answers that today scientist are looking for and helps them to solve their equations . There are some mysterious places on this planet earth. Bermuda Triangles is one of them .so many scientist try to find out its reality but no one dare to find out its reality .The results of every result says that it is just a place of haunt. There was a person how was trying to travel above this triangle by the charted plane and after few seconds he was caught in a terrible storm .His control on plane starts going out of his hands and then he fainted. He found himself around 2000 miles away from the triangle when he woke up. Its been only 30 minutes and that thing is impossible for a charted plane to travel at this speed 1000 miles an hour and this is not even possible in the storm condition.

So this thing may be pointed on the existence of worm hole there is a few chances that there is a worm hole in the Bermuda triangle .But there is also a scientific theory which says that worm hole only exist on the place where the level of gravity is very low, so this means it’s very difficult for a wormhole to be exist on this planet because of its level of gravity.On the other side if the existence of worm hole would ever be proven in the future then it may be so helpful for all the humanity of this planet earth ,Because we can see that how our planet is going into danger day by day the shortage of water in many countries and the air pollution in the environment is increasing day by day because of the increasing in population this air pollution which comes from vehicles and factories the main reason of the bad condition of ozone layer .This pollution destroying the ozone layer day by day and at same time humans don’t plant tress as much as they have to so in the future we don’t get that much quantity of oxygen because of the higher population and the shortage of oxygen so that’s why if there would be a wormhole which help human to travel from this planet to the other can secure the future of this human life and human can live their life on some other planet because in the future the planet earth may be get disaster and destruction.

03 December 2019
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