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Employee Benefits In Canadian Companies: Hudson Bay

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The aspect of employee benefits is critical in any company because it creates a pleasant working environment and motivated workers to achieve more. Employee benefits involve all the non-financial compensation that employees receive, and it is usually included as part of the contract. At the time, Hudson Bay was keen on employee benefits to ensure that all operations were effective and also remain competitive. In this regard, there were various benefits that employees received at the company ranging from promotions, sick leaves, holidays, talent nurturing, sports, and much more. According to the beaver log, there are instances of promotions such as the one of Mr. Frank Gibson and Mr. Frank Richard, sick leave like the one of Vic Culham, George Anderson, and Mr. Windwick as well as participating in sports and other hobbies.

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Hudson Bay at the time was favorable for employees because they could achieve their dreams, follow their passion, and develop themselves into reliable people. The fact that awards were provided, tournaments arranged, and radio programs created, it built a working system that portrayed teamwork, dedication, and satisfaction to the workers since it was not reasonable for companies to engage in such activities. During the economic depression, companies could not provide such benefits because they were going through financial constraints that were inevitable. Companies were focused on cutting costs, regulating wages, and trying to remain competitive despite the economic constraints that were experienced. The workers union plays a significant role in improving the welfare of the workers, but they had no much influence during the economic depression. The protection of workers became active in the post-war, and it enhanced great benefits to employees of Canadian companies because they could receive favorable remuneration, and their welfare was protected. Employees of the different companies were also trained, unlike in the time of crisis where companies trained unskilled workers and equipped them with craftsmanship to work at low wages. In an economy that was growing, Canadian companies had to adopt global practices that could help them achieve their goals and objectives. They had to incorporate synergies that could help them remain competitive, sustainable, and relevant by supporting employees in all aspects.

According to the Beaver log, just like other companies competing, Hudson Bay had to engage in unique activities such as providing sick leaves, promotions, nurturing talents, holidays, and sports activities. In the wake of the economy, which is also referred to as the “Golden Age” there was high modernity, unprecedented prosperity, advanced capitalism as well as developed welfare states. This shows that Canadian companies were doing well, and employee benefits were provided, unlike during economic depression, where companies were focused on cutting down the costs, increasing working hours, training unskilled workers, providing low wages, and violating the rights of workers. At the time, it was typical for other companies to provide employee benefit just like Hudson Bay because the economy was booming, and industrial relations were favorable. There were new social welfare benefits that ensure increased gains and shared benefits from economic prosperity.

01 February 2021

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