Greediness and its Management: A Psychological Perspective

In essay about greediness we will see how greed can be described, how we can combat it and ect. Greed can be described as an intense desire to have everything or more than everyone else. It has been found to cause problems even in deep-rooted relationships. One of the drawbacks is it leads to dishonesty and fake relationships, as one will lie just to get more. The greedy only associate with those that can help them achieve their greed ambitions. It leads to dissatisfaction since one always aims to get more hence lose sight of the business or personal mission in life. 

How Can You Combat Greed is Your Own Life?

Greed is a strange behavior that makes one want to acquire everything. This behavior can be combated in the following ways. First, we must not let money control our lives. This means we would not have to fight for money leaving us with more time to follow our passion. Cutting off more wants in our life would help us live a simpler life as it factors out the greed factor while in pursuit of these wants.

Is There a Way to Help Others Deal With Greed?

To be able to help someone deal with greed we have to understand the reason behind their greed. Unfavorable circumstances often lead to temporary greed. Helping them overcome the circumstances, letting them understand God created us for a greater purpose, living for others. Helping them develop compassion for others will make them identify relatives and other members of the society who might need help. Encouraging them to be content with what the have and help them realize the joy that comes with helping others.

Ego, Greed, or Misguided Thinking, Which is the Toughest to Combat in Your Life?

Ego is a personal problem that affects and hurts oneself while Greed, on the other hand, takes away from and hurts those around you. Misguided thinking is an illusory correlation, which can be described as a mental error that leads to humans overemphasizing one outcome and ignoring others.

Humility is a coveted virtue. Absolute determination to be humble controls ego. Misguided thinking can be controlled by gaining a broadscale of knowledge. Greed, on the other hand, is the excessive desire o want towards something. In my opinion, its harder to combat greed than ego and misguided thinking.

Can You Think of Other Issues That Might Lead to Unethical Behavior?

In the workplace, unethical behavior can be caused by the lack of a company code of ethics clause in the company policy. Its also caused by peer influence with the common mentality that if everyone is doing it, it must be right. Another issue is the setting of bad examples by the management or leaders. Employees always the-end to emulate their role models.

Does Culture Care About Greed, Ego, or Misguided Thinking? Does It Care About Ethical Behavior?

The culture views greed as a good trait. As the rich acquire more wealth, they end up having less empathy, become more selfish. The Introduction of the capitalist system has channeled greed to a more productive process where profits are created by the exchange of products and services rather than stealing. The culture views ego as a good trait up to a certain point, beyond which it is considered destructive. Culture is a set of beliefs, while ethical behavior is the moral goal that the organization align its operations.  


Now, what are the results of greediness? Greed only contributes to conflict with others and frustration on one’s self. A person having all the riches, fame plus authority may feel happy for a limited time, but in the long run, you become grumpy, frustrated, discontented and anxious, not wanting to lose your accumulated wealth. Thus, conflict starts to arise until you become lonely as you lose the ties with those around you and you tend to forget the things that are far more important than wealth, fame and authority. These results in having a blind eye for the true happiness money cannot buy.

10 October 2022
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