Evaluation Of Moral Justification Of Keeping DACA

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Many DACA recipients fates are hanging by a thread. Politicians ramble and fight over the topic. It is an uphill battle for many DACA participants. Many of the DACA users are 16 to 36 years old. Many have lived, worked, and got an education in the United States. Many feel as they are part of American society. Many do not have their country of origin but only know of America.

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DACA recipients are allowed to join a program called MAVANI. It allows them to be a part of Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest program. If you can allow non-citizen to fight overseas for your country then you should give them the chance to become an American citizen because they are doing a duty that most don’t want to do. Immanuel Kant is a firm believer of filling your duty. DACA recipients have a duty to maintain their status. They have to be a contributing member of American society, so they must work or go to school. Many Americans do the same as them and do not have to worry about much in their life. DACA workers have to provide for their family. DACA students may be nearing graduation but could be removed from America without notice. Even with DACA having to do their duty, there is no reward of citizenship at the end. It is simply working in a country that does not give you the same rights their citizens get. Joseph Carens explains that a member of the society they live sees themselves as worthy of citizenship because they did a duty for so long. While this seldom happens, many have to do a duty because it is the only way to make a living. Is keeping DACA morally justified? Or should it be removed from our society?

Kant sees morals has a single line of thought; Does it follow a moral law or duty. Bias, feelings, and prejudices should not apply. When we say let’s remove nearly 700, 000 DACA recipients out of the country; Does it sound rational? Kant believes that “the human being as having the unique capacity for rationality. ” Rationality is the focus here. We as a country cannot sustain the cost of deporting that many people. Many businesses would have to hire replacements, families would be torn apart, and will be hypocrites to our immigration ideals from the past. Kant has stated, “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law without contradiction. ”

We would contradict what we use to believe in. Immigrants built this country to what it used to be. This applies to another idea from Kant. “Therefore, every rational being must so act as if he were through his maxim always a legislating member in the universal kingdom of ends. ” – Kant. This statement applies to American immigration. We allowed for immigration in our early years and now we’re trying to stop it. We have already applied this ideal and we’re going back on our word and trying to close our borders. Many come to America to better their lives and get away from their old lifestyle. It is silly that we turn our back away from people that want to enter this country and make a name for themselves. If any of the DACA participants have already been here for 16 plus years, then what is the issue with letting them. Carens states “The moral right of states to apprehend and deport irregular migrants erodes with the passage of time. ” Many of these DACA recipients want a better life and see America has their chance to improve their quality of life.

Removing DACA

With our new political leader, Donald Trump. Many see DACA as incorrect and it should not be happening. Many believe DACA take over jobs that could be for the American citizens. Many see immigrants has a danger to our society because of recent threats such as terrorism, drug trade, or gang activity. Removing DACA could be seen as utilitarianism. The best way to define utilitarianism is “Right and wrong are determined by the overall goodness (utility) of the consequences of action. ” (home. sandiego. edu). The overall perspective from the American people sees it has good to remove DACA because they feel like the DACA recipients weren’t born in America like there were or they don’t deserve to be here because they came illegally. Allowing 700, 000 citizens to remain in this country illegally can cause problems to the economy. They may take jobs from other American citizens, the government cannot collect taxes on the illegal immigrants that find cheap work, take up space in an ever-growing society that is running out of space. We’re using many resources to supply this nation full of people and our health care system is getting weaker.

With DACA existing, it might invite more outsiders into our country to get the same DACA benefits. Many of these things American people fear and they are scared that they may not get to live the American Dream. John Stuart Mill believed “that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness; wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness”. If you remove DACA and state 700, 000 jobs would open up in the U. S. Many Americans would say the action was good because it focuses on American citizens. That would clear up more living space for some people. We’re running out of space to build houses in California and soon in other parts of the country. Many DACA recipients did enter the country illegally and many Americans see them as breaking the law. Using Kant’s ideas, DACA could be breaking moral ideals that are presented in American law. You’re not allowed to enter this country illegally and stay. Utilitarianism is focused on the happiness of the person and many Americans feel that they’re happy because immigrants are taking over there country and have no right to do so. DACA Should StayTrump has fueled irrationality through our citizens and they do not know what is going on. Kantian Theory applies to DACA and is defined as “Right and wrong is determined by rationality, giving universal duties. ” Rationality defines Kantian Theory.

There are many benefits to DACA. Law enforcement agencies do not have to focus on illegal immigration but crimes that could be hurting the city. Diversity is becoming a big step in many companies and allows people to remove any prejudice when they get to know other culture that is not theirs. Also, many jobs are available in this country. Many citizens do not work because they do not want to. We’re running out of space but even removing DACA recipients would not save on space. Our population is growing faster and faster each day so we will still run out of housing. DACA recipients did enter the country illegally, many of them did not do it by choice. The parents took them over the border. Many parents take their kids to the United States because they think their kids can live a better life. Any rational parent would try this for their children.

Keeping DACA is morally justified because you’re not going to abandon so many people in their country of origin. Many only know the U. S as their home. You give hope to many young immigrants who want to achieve so much. Kant’s deontology states “some acts are always wrong, even if the act leads to an admirable outcome. ” This is for the overall happiness of the country. Many stand with DACA now and believe there should have their place in the United States.

29 April 2020

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