Evaluation Of The Article About Elderly Residents Fighting Closure Of Little Saigon Mobile Home Park

Little Saigon is the area where most of Vietnamese immigrants, and Vietnamese who live in other states, countries dream of going here whenever they feel homesick. Orange County is home to the third largest Asian American community in the United States, with around 600000 people. Attach an article about residents struggling in Little Saigon which many of them is immigrant is one of the effective ways to reach to other people in other places because people tend to look up on trustworthy sources for their concernings in society. Many overseas Vietnamese has been interviewed in this article is currently living in cramped rooms, shared housing, working low-wage jobs in order to live in the hustle and bustle life of Little Saigon, Orange County.

According from Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance and Asian Americans Advancing Justice, it shows that 57, 000 Asian Americans living in Orange County were below poverty due to high housing prices, including Little Saigon area. It is easy to find a furnished house to live around this area, they are advertised all over the newspaper, websites, but finding the affordable house is like finding a needle in a haystack. People who rent share house are usually exchange students, salespersons, Vietnamese veterans. Having to work two jobs in order to pay house rental affects students ability to learn, especially they are English learners.

On the other hand, elderly tenants since they cannot drive on the highway, renting houses in Little Saigon is an ideal plan because they can walk to supermarkets, clinics, and pharmacies. In the article, Vince Bui who is living in Mission Viejo located in Orange County wants to stay in a two-story house, with three luxurious bedrooms, hanging paintings of the sea, where he lives with his wife and two sons together, but it was only a dream that Bui could not do. The room where the whole family lives does not have windows, instead of hanging pictures, the wall is now the only scrawl of children. The narrow space is just two large cabinets, just enough for an Ikea bed, desk and small space for gas and cooking utensils.

This article from Los Angeles Time is a credible source for people living in other countries that is wondering about how life in Vietnamese community in America is really like. I have been living in this area for around two and a half years, my whole family moved to here from Vietnam. After reading this article, I can confirm that the facts are accuracy, also the author did an excellent job by doing interviews with people around the area. Life in America of the Vietnamese immigrants has been reflected in this article, this gives readers a realistic look, thus, they can be informed when reading this article. Renting houses is an issue that people in Little Saigon as well as Orange County have to deal with.

To have the best preparations before moving to Little Saigon, people need articles like this to know what to expect when they come here. This type of articles also speak for the people who needs to address this issue but do not know how to. This could lead to the Orange County Board of Supervisors action which might reduce the price of housing down.

15 Jun 2020
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