The Problem Of Dirty Food Poisoning Vietnamese People

As we know, problems appear everywhere, in many different forms. And of course, Vietnam, our society is not an exception. There are such lots of problems, even big, or small. Every day, we have to deal with the scam, school violence, bribery and so much more that I can’t even count. But the problem which is highly condemned by society is called food unsafety – also as known as dirty food.

Dirty food is a common term that refers to unidentified, unsafe foods, or containing chemical substances which exceeding the permitted level, or be put in un-cleaned food containers. More dangerous, dirty food is usually made from the material that was contaminated at the beginning: vegetables are pumped with stimulants, then watered a large amount of pesticide, pork is injected with salbultamol to create more lean, then soaked in chemical for one night and those pork will “transform' into beef. There are many other ways of 'dirty food manufacturing technology' that we have no idea about. Every day, every hour, dirty food is gnawing on the health of our community.

Consequently, someone has said that the road from the stomach to the graveyard has never been so short like this. This problem is no longer a problem of a person, a family but it has become a national and international problem. It raises our insecurity, obsession and also, impotence. Each time sitting on the dinning table is once we bet with fate, our life depend on the word “chance'. One of the most famous dirty food transportation and production cases have been discovered occurred in November 2015, when more than six tons of foul-smelling animal organs were found on a truck bound for Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh City.

Dirty food is now raging everywhere and causing serious consequences. The first consequence is that human health is being ruthlessly violated. At a mild level, dirty food causes food poisoning. This is the only disease that can be cured. But despite being the easiest to cure, it also causes digestive disorders or mild neurological disorders, according to some doctors. For example, there were 2000 people who suffered with food poisoning in 2018, according to Bao Moi, a famous news website. At higher levels, dirty food leads to acute poisoning, more serious, if it becomes a chronic disease, it will lead to death. This is indeed the shortest path from meal to final resting place. Even if dirty food does not lead to immediate or immediate consequences, it is also a poison that causes cancer, infertility,. . . In 2018, Vietnam was placed in 99th place with the rate of 151. 4/100,000 people who suffered with cancer. More painful, if the pregnant women have these toxic in there bodies, it will cause the baby to become deformed. As a result, dirty food is destroying the future and lead to personality decadence in the society.

What causes the problem of dirty food? The main reason that is the greed and “blurred vision” for the profit of the dirty food-sellers. Dirty food is rife around us, but there's no way to distinguish it. It is not only sold on the streets, in markets, dirty food with clever ability to wriggle is also sold into supermarkets that consumers trust. What could be more evil than making money on health and life of the people?

Facing with the stressful, the solutions depend in ourselves. Each of us needs to be a wise consumer, we need to know how to choose and cook food carefully. First, people need to pay special attention to eating cooked food, drinking boiled water. Please know how to choose, only buy food with full labels, long expiry date, clear origin, or have no strange taste, no rancidity, or being rotten. Food producers, processors and traders need to comply with state regulations to ensure food hygiene and safety. They have to take responsibility for their products with consumers and society. Both producers and consumers need to learn about banned substances, about signs of distinguishing dirty food and clean food. Only when we have self-awareness in protecting ourselves and protecting the community, could help us in our daily lives. There is no better way to abandon dirty food than producers who take their own responsibility for the community. The agencies also need to have strict and effective laws. Each student also needs to protect his or her own health by saying 'no' to unidentified food and drink. It is also important to understand clean food standards and ask adults to use safe products.

In conclusion, Vietnamese should be aware from dirty food, the main cause of cancer and lots more diseases. We have to carry out our duty, that is to unite against unsafe food. More important, those solutions that I have offered should be applied.


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31 October 2020
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