Evaluation Of The Study On Social Media And Religion

This is the study about the perspective of respondents in southern Africa about the link between Facebook and emergence of religious people, members, fellows, and participants. Based on Mookgo said that the research is presents a missiological perspective on the utilization of Facebook and its impact on the emergence of vertical churches in southern Africa. The shortcomings of the utilization of Facebook area unit highlighted and proposals area unit created on however such shortcomings is self-addressed in future. They focus on the religion and social media; Facebook.

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The link between social media and faith has attracted the interest of the many students within the last decade. Lim and Putnam (2010), in their article ‘Religion, social networks, and life satisfaction’, state that social networks supply robust proof for social and democratic mechanisms shaping religion’s impact on life satisfaction. Though the increase of on-line social networking seems to represent a replacement challenge to spiritual people and establishments. Facebook is enjoying a heavy role among the propagation of prophetical churches in southern continent a minimum of in four ways in which. Facebook provides simple accessibility to those churches and their spiritual services. This has a result of spiritual services at these churches may be watched on Facebook via sensible phones that loads of people in southern continent own. Prophetical churches’ founders have a Facebook account where they’ll merely post the churches’ services and even update their followers on the progress in their private lives. However, their following on Twitter2 is not as durable as that on Facebook.

Twitter is extra of a celeb social media platform that even the foremost noted prophets would struggle to urge a wonderful following. The study also stated that; Facebook is a superb platform for the prophets to illustrate their skills. Most Facebook users have the luxury of observance their favorite prophet on their wise phones. This any encourages the users to essentially attend the services and be a region of what is happening. Users can watch the video varied times as long as they have information on their cell phones. Users might share videos with fully completely different people, further as international viewers. Although Christianity is differ from Buddhism, yet all of literature we can see that how the religious people uses these SNS platform to interact or communicate with their followers.

As this research stated that “Facebook is degree advertising platform, whereby the approaching events ar getting to be promulgated on the church Facebook page. Hence, the act at several events of the divinatory churches is good. It’s as a results of Facebook is free medium for message for these churches”. Although, most articles focus on Christian rather than Buddhist, yet those gave us the basic background on how the other religion works with social media to push the faith, belief, or Bible. Especially, for next and new generation.

15 Jun 2020

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