Computer Evolution: From Room-Sized to Pocket-Sized

One of the greatest accomplishments in human kind history is the evolution of computers that have become the backbone of modern day life yet it was not the case about 60 years ago. In evolution of computers essay this topic will be revealed by the author as much as possible. It is amazing to think computers evolved from room-sized very slow machines that processed and stored very minimal data to pocket sized gadgets storing significant amounts of data at high speed. Computers have become an integral tool for humankind in businesses, schools and many other operations as they are very much accurate, fast and allow several tasks to be completed easily which is very difficult to accomplish when doing it manually.

According to the Oxford dictionary a Computer is “An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.” In the early 19th Century there was the birth of the calculating machine by Babbage and Lovelace, then at the end of the 19th century there was the punch card system by Hollerith. The growth in populations and societies over time resulted in the need to process data quickly to help people and there was a desire to keep improving the systems hence the evolution of computers to the present age.

Computers evolution can be classified in different generations from the first generation to the fourth generation. The first generation of computers happened between 1940 and 1956. The computers were very big in size, setup was very simple but they required magnetic drums and vacuum tubes that worked as switches and amplifiers. A basic programming system was used though the amount of heat they released was huge. A significant change followed soon after, between1956 to 1963 and the period defines what was recognised as the second generation of computers. Vacuum tubes were done away with and less electricity was now being used and generating less heat. These were faster than the firstgeneration ones and there was also a major change in size too.

Massive changes happened between the 70s to round about 2010. This period is where we see the third and fourth generation of computers evolution. Smaller, powerful, less expensive and high speed computers were now being produced. The first microprocessor invention of Intel 40004 chip done in this period resulted in the birth of the computer industry. The creation of even smaller computers like laptops, tablets or other hand held devices was seen in the fourth generation of computer development, and this also brought with it an increase in speed, memory and storage.

In the present day where technology has become a reality than just curiosity has made computers to be an important utility forpeople mostly those who operate businesses and run industries. It is safe to say, almost everything is being operated or controlled from a computer. As an example, in the education to educate students’ better, medical, engineering, manufacturing industries just to mention a few all require the use of computers. The use of computers has resulted in improved efficiencies, accuracy and have brought convenience in the way people do business and do their jobs. Computers are no longer for the fun loving, the elite and enthusiast only but have become an essential tool for everyone in society and even businesses are making profits from the use of computers.

Computers have allowed people to see and look forward to the future, the paths that technology is taking in terms of researches on artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computation is a gateway to computer development. These latest technologies are unveiling more opportunities for business people who will need to position themselves strategically and take advantage.

In conclusion to evolution of computer essay, this remarkable device called the computer has surely made a lasting impression to the world.  The many advantages that come with the computer have made its revolution an ongoing process as new technology keeps improving. The never ending release of new technology has surely proven that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the computer.  

10 October 2022
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