Faith In The Age Of Facebook: Exploring The Links Between Religion And Social Network Site Membership And Use

This literature explains and examines how is the communication or relationship between religion and social media, as Facebook. As this is the most popular topics to discuss for scholar in social sciences field. This paper wanted to understand the same thing on behavior of individual and frequency uses of social media, Facebook and the influences of those religiousness on social network site (SNS).

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The whole data for this study are from the primary. That is the telephone survey began as a nationally representative of 3, 290 English and Spanish speaking teenagers between the ages of 13 years old to 17 years old. They used this kind of quantitative survey not by face to face survey, but phone. All the questions this study focus on the behavior of indicator, members, with their private behavior on Facebook uses related with the religion, such as practical, faith sharing, religion traditional uses, how differences, the frequency on that uses. The study also included three measure of prosaically attitudes to test hypotheses. While each measure remain four categories of ordinal, variable that assesses the degree to which the respondent personally care…etc. They also include three measure of civil engagement in our models to asses’ hypothesis. The results for the research found out about the relationship between religion and social networking site are using mixed, all traditional and modern society while parents and children are the member of SNS, also they found out that the most more than seventy percentages are female who spent much time on using those.

This study reveals that there is a big relationship with social networking site uses in the religion purpose. Since on the point on civil engagement, this research found that behavior of SNS usages is influence from religion, “while prosocial orientations help us understand how religion might shape internal motivation that impact SNS membership and use, religion also shape external opportunities for participants in public life”. The research conducted in three differences wave focus on religious member’s behavior uses SNS to share faith and creating communities of no matter catholic or Jewish. The purpose of these uses to gain connection as well as giving good news to all members, so they can access information related with SNS more easy although read the Bible. In the papers, they sated about the important of data as well as future research needed: This study is necessarily exploratory because of the data constraints. While our data are unique among SNS studies because of large sample and questions about religiosity and social activity, it is somewhat limited because there are only a few SNS questions and none assess motivations for SNS participation.

Based on this exploration, I can see that how the other religion uses the social network to communicate with their members, followers, or participants.

15 Jun 2020

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