Famous Face of College Football History: Tom Herman

When it comes to college football, the American football coach, Tom Herman is a well-known figure in the sport. He has achieved tremendous success over the years while serving as the coach of various collegiate teams as he is currently associated with the University of Texas. Having played as a wide receiver at the California Lutheran University for three years, Herman has succeeded in building highly competitive teams in diverse universities he has been associated with while working at different coaching positions.

Prior to becoming a head coach for the first time in 2014, he has coached receivers, quarterbacks and equally coordinated the offensive line during which he achieved outstanding feats that earned him an award. He has become known for his system of coaching that brings new life to non-performing teams, leading them on to achieving incredible landmarks that have never been recorded in the annals of the teams. He has established himself as one of the proficient coaches in the game of which his overall performance so far has reflected on his paycheck which has been on the rise each passing season.

The former football player was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States on the 2nd of June, 1975. He was brought up by his mother, Rita Herman in Simi Valley, California. He is a graduate of California Lutheran University where he obtained his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He was fellow of the largest and oldest high intelligent quotient society in the world, Mensa International and equally a recipient of presidential full academic sponsorship. He later enrolled for his post-graduate program at the University of Texas, Austin and there, he acquired his master's degree. 

While at California Lutheran University, Tom Herman played competitively as a wide receiver for three years. He also carried out his internship at various radio and television stations, working as a production assistant for a television network situated in Oxnard, California and XTRA Radio station in Los Angeles, as well as serving as FOX-TV highlight coordinator. Tom Herman bagged his first gig as receivers coach at Texas Lutheran in the year 1998. Then in the next year, he began working as a graduate assistant at the University of Texas. Afterwards, he started coordinating the offensive line for Sam Houston state university. During the four seasons he spent with the team, their offense records greatly improved as they averaged 358.5 yards of passing offense which was rated as the second-best across the nation. Later on, Herman joined Texas State Bobcats team in 2005 where he continued to coordinate the offensive line and led the team to top total offense finish in the Southland Conference. They also attained the eight position spot nationally in the offense scoreboard, having made their first appearance ever in Division I - AA championship during the two seasons he spent with the team. Tom Herman followed it up by becoming a coaching staff of Rice Owls football team. He transitioned the team into a formidable one that went on to produce the Conference USA Most Valuable Player during that time, along with their two receivers having over 1,300 yards receiving in a year. 

After changing the fortune of Rice Owl team, the skilled coach moved to Iowa State University where he continued with his exploits as he coached the quarterbacks of the team as well as coordinating the offensive line.Once again, Herman revamped the team's offense into a more prolific one through his constructive coaching system. The team produced the second-best leading passer in the annals of the school, Austen Arnaud and also a fourth all-time leading rusher, Alexander Robinson. During his stint at Ohio State, his contributions to the nation's collegiate football were recognised with a Broyles Award and he was designated as the top assistant coach across the nation.

Overall Tom Herman became a head coach for the first time in his career in 2014 as he was recruited by the Houston Cougars football team. There, he made his mark in the sport having led the team to their first-ever American Athletic Conference division title. Following his outstanding records, Herman was employed by the University of Texas and he has led the team to their first-ever bowl victory since 2012 in the year 2017 and equally aiding them to clinch their first 10-win season since 2009.

07 July 2022
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