Fear Of The Worst Day Ever For America On 9/11

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Many people had to face their biggest fear on 9/11. We all have to face fears, but no one could picture having to face this fear. 9/11 was the worst day ever for America. Most fears we have to overcome now are moving to a new place, parents getting divorced or trying something new. My fear I have overcome is moving to a new place I have moved from Rancho Cucamonga, California to East Rockaway, New York. This was very challenging at first, but it only took 3 to 4 months to feel right at home.

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My fear was moving because I was moving to a completely different state that is on the other side of the country with only know it is really different from California weather wise. The winter is very different. In California, the average winter is 50 to 70 degrees and in New York, it is 35 to 55 degrees that is a big difference. My first winter was the hardest because I wasn’t used to any cold 40 degrees felt like I was standing in only shorts outside while everybody from New York was still wearing shorts in December. I had made friends fast it was easy making friends when you are good at sports like kickball, baseball, soccer, basketball, and football. I have done well at school since I moved from California. I had Honor Roll in 6th grade. Some of the seventh and so far in eighth grade I am doing very well. I am very happy with my move here I hope to stay here in New York for a career.

I have overcome my fear in many ways. I made new friends, I am very social and like I mentioned sports. Sports helped me a lot because it is what I love. Once I get into a sport and I am good at it, I never give on it, sports are like second nature to me. Sports’ take my mind off things when I am really into it, you just forget what is happening around you. Being social I can talk to new people, get to know them. Friends helped because I didn’t feel alone, I was very happy and I still am very happy. I love New York, I wish to live here for as long as I can put up with the winter. New York has become my home forever. I have no more fear I have overcome my fear.

During 9/11 people had to overcome unimaginable fears and us still to this day have fears to overcome. It is very sad what happened during the events of 9/11. My fear was overcome mostly by sports and friends. Sports take your mind off things that bother you and friends are good for talking to. You have fun playing sports with them you just have fun with them. Winter clothes helped me get through the very cold times of the season.

03 December 2019

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