Feminism And Destiny In The Trifles And Oedipus Rex

The path of life is our own choice. People always feel inadequate and want to have all the good things, but they have never thought about how much they have paid for it sincerely. The path of life is chosen by ourselves. Even if fate gives us endless pain, we must all choose. 'Oedipus Rex' is the masterpiece of Sophocles and is known as one of the three major tragedies in ancient Greece. Freud, the originator of psychoanalysis, believes that the story of King Oedipus is so touching because it arouses He has called the Oedipus complex in many people's hearts, so he called it the 'Oedipus complex'. The plot of the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles profoundly illustrates the Greek's awe of the power of fate. The 'Trifles' has become a classic in dramas with its superb screenwriting skills, delicate character creation, and profound themes. It has obvious feminist ideas and modernist characteristics. In short, fate and strength are in our hands, and we can change and fight for them.

For individuals, the world is an objective world. Everyone has one or countless worlds-no two people have the same idea, so their impressions of the world are different, so everyone has their own world. But everyone likes 'beautiful' things. Everyone thinks tragedy is a tragedy. When you use beauty to describe it, everyone is not sure that you even despise you. The tragedy 'Oedipus Rex' is a typical tragedy in ancient Greece and the highest interpretation of the tragedy of fate. It shows that the worship king Raios predicted that his son Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother. Although he tried his best to escape and resist the master of this unfortunate fate, he was still manipulated and destroyed by fate. 'Fate' is a supernatural, mysterious force, which is outside and dominates people. No matter how individuals fight, this power cannot be changed. Tragedy has nothing in Oedipus. He lost his parents and children, lost his kingdom and subjects, lost his dignity and self-confidence, and lost his eyes. For the rest of his life, he will live in pain and suffering, unable to face himself and walk out of the shadows. We know that the gods and destinies of the ancient Greek people are actually a manifestation of natural and social forces. The author vividly described this tragedy, which made readers feel helpless about the fate that Oedipus could not escape, but also saddened that Oedipus stubbornly initiated this tragedy. The knowledge and ignorance of King Oedipus is a tragedy. The limited knowledge of mankind will never reach the prophet of God. This is destiny. One may appreciate the dedication of Oedipus. His eyes were blind and not cowardly, but resistance to fate and a brave expression of his mistakes. The drama 'Oedipus Rex' is a fierce struggle with fate. The protagonist began not to believe in fate, perseverance and did not give up any opportunity to fight fate. At this time, language expression is dull.

'Trifles' was written in 1916 and described a murder in a small village where the suspect was his wife. In this drama, the separation of men and women on the stage space symbolizes the differences in social and political life, moral judgment, language, and ways of thinking. The stark contrast also shows Graspell's thinking about the relationship between gender and the focus on women's rights. 'Trifles' has shaped a group of women who have no say and social status. In a society dominated by men, women are helpless and want to seek relief, and some even retaliate and rebel. In this play, the husband is silent and does not like to talk. He did not allow his wife to use the phone, which cut off all her contact with the outside world. The wife has always been a peasant woman and a housewife. The wife likes to sing, but her husband suffocated her only spiritual sustenance. In the traditional patriarchal society at that time, the family was centered on men, and the wife always obeyed and served her husband. Mrs. Wright's image was gradually established through the dialogue between the two women Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale. From their mouths, we know that Mrs. Wright is very beautiful in her 40s. She likes to sing and so on. But because of her husband's opposition, she leads an unhappy life every day. In 'Trivia', Graspell made subtle irony through the domineering and helplessness of men in the process of discovering clues. But the author has not stopped at this point. The most touching part of the work lies in the call for real emotion between people. On the one hand, humanity's indifference to drama is shown in two strange and separate worlds between men and women. On the other hand, it also shows the relationship between the same sex. In the play, through the mouths of the characters in the play with different personalities and identities, the fact that women were discriminated against in American society was exposed, and the society at that time wanted to struggle for feminism.

The play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is not a punishable sinner but an image of a misfortune destined to sin, and every step of his efforts to escape fate just happens to make him fall deeper into the net of destiny. The Greek irony created by the author creates a profound tragic consciousness on the philosophical level and expresses the pessimistic theme that mankind can never resist fate. Through the unfortunate encounter of Oedipus, the author reveals that the cause of his tragedy is that omnipresent and omnipresent dominating the unknown 'fate' of man. To understand ancient Greek culture more deeply and objectively, stimulate interest in ancient Greek culture, enlighten us to correctly understand the nature of tragedy, and guide us to the ultimate thinking of life's destiny. In the face of the powerful power of fate, human power is so small. In another drama 'Trifles', it shows the rebellion and challenge of traditional moral standards and values ​​of women who are marginalized in the male-centered society and lose their freedom and rights. They reject and subvert the 19th-century female literary tradition, traditional gender roles, traditions Female image, male-dominated social judicial tradition.

In conclusion, both of these plays describe social inequality and the unequal rights of women. Oedipus Rex was promoted as a model of ancient Greece because it faithfully displayed the darkest side of life, but it did not frustrate people. It fully expresses an important principle of Greek art creation, that is, the conflict between man and fate, and man's inability to control fate. On the contrary, it allows readers to experience the passion of life and the desire for truth. The greatness of the author not only describes the conflict between man and fate, but also the spirit of human beings who dare to fight fate with their own strength and tenacious will. In addition, in the 'trivia' of the drama, the author selects the facts of sexism in life and reveals the fact that women in American society suffered discrimination at the time through the characters in the drama with different personalities and different identities. Women's status and loneliness were mainly reflected, and women's pursuit of meaning in life reflected the indifferent appearance of social humanities and patriarchal society at that time. Revealed how serious patriarchy was in the society at that time, most women longed for freedom and sought freedom, and satirized the men who had not kept them in their eyes. This is a symbolic drama of feminism, which shows the awakening of women the power of. 

16 August 2021
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