Freedom Are Not Free: Fight Against Racism

Imagine having to escape from slavery through underground tunnels going through 15+ states just to get to freedom, having to stay outside in cold winter temperatures, swim across many different lakes and ponds, and losing all you have to get away from someone who refers to you as property. Harriet Tubman was 1 of 100,000 people to escape from slavery, along with leading hundreds of innocent African American people to freedom while helping the union with their accomplishment to end slavery. Courageous Harriet Tubman led 300 hundred slaves to freedom through a secret link of safe houses and passages throughout America, to escape into Canada and to different states where slavery was illegal. Along with putting an end to slavery, she multitasked as a scout, nurse, and laundress. Harriet Tubman had to work her way to freedom, no individual should have to fight and escape from their homes, families, and life to be able to be themselves not the property of someone else. During a time in this world we call free and equal, people who had a different skin color than us, were treated like animals and had to work and fight for something that should be free. Freedom is not free, it is obviously not a right in our world, it is something that needs to be earned and worked for as Harriet Tubman did.

In the 1870s the Jim Crow laws were created, they were a set of laws to make people of color have fewer rights than others. If people of color disobeyed these laws, they were punished. It was December 1st, 1955 when Rosa Parks was riding her local bus in Montgomery Alabama. The Jim Crow laws stated people of color had to sit at the back of the bus, Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus. This was not a problem because the bus was not crowded at that point but throughout the bus ride it filled up and Rosa parks was told to move to the back of the bus. She refused to give up her seat, so she was arrested. While this was happening, Rosa Parks and her husband were activists fighting for the rights of colored people. Rosa Parks was 1 of 3 courageous individuals who had to risk their future lives for their rights. Rosa Parks demonstrates to us that things like freedom are not free, her rights were taken from her and she had to fight to get it back. Hundreds of lives are taken each year because people want freedom, and if innocent lives are taken there is a price to freedom. 

29 April 2022
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