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Functions Of Hrm Applicable To Workforce Planning & Resourcing At Google

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Performance Planning – Google’s performance training efforts address diverse scopes of its HRM, for example the client facility, message, sustenance for diversity, and problem-solving skills.

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HRM at Google try to antedate the condition examination for projecting. Trend analysis is a assessable process that lets Google forecast likely HR demand depending on present situations and differences in the business.Balancing Supply and Demand. Google’s HRM faces minor problems when it comes to balancing HR demand and supply. Even if demand for web-based/software products and existing publicity amenities upsurge, Google does not need to commensurately intensify its human resources in these business areas due to the digital nature of these products.

Employee Potential Assessment

Google’s human resource management evaluates worker potential through discussions, reviews, and training. Reviews offer an unbiased assessment of the worker’s potential. Discussions and training enable Google’s HR directors to regulate the possible usefulness of staffs for diverse types of works.

Instituting Career Development Initiatives

Some career development creativities are frequently inaugurated at Google, while others are applied as the need arises. Consistent implementation of job growth enterprises are grounded on the firm’s career enhancement programs. Google carries out yearly evaluations, which are also used as foundation for profession growth. During or after evaluations, the firm’s human resource management informs staffs of probable job prospects.

Functions of HRM in Developing Talent and Skills

Engaging employees

Employees working in the business tend to concentrate in the areas where their capacities lie. This helps them settle quicker to doing a certain job constantly well. Workers also feel more involved when the expansion process is just increasing the retaining rates.

Attracts top talent

Having a tactical talent administration gives business the chance to appeal the most talented and skilled staffs available. It generates an owner brand that could fascinate potential talents, and in turn, contributes to the development of the organization’s business performance and results.

Leadership Development

Once high-performance and high-potential people have been sited, Google needs to ponder the best way to hold them over the long-term. This procedure needs a focus on training, stretch projects, and mentoring so that these people can become the leaders of the business in the forthcoming years.

Performance Management

While emerging talents, the staffs get interested to work since they are undertaking what they are attracted to. This makes them excited about doing their work which in turn upsurges their performance.


The basis of talent management is appointment of the right people. People who show potential during interviews are frequently favored since they keep a large proportion of room for development and through drills, HRM are able to mature their skills and talent.

Knowledge Management

Improved global competitiveness will necessitate an educated and skilled labor force. Personnel with more knowhow will be searched for and HRM will look after these persons as they demonstrate to be assets to the group.

Recruitment and selection strategies of Google

Their strengths (min 3) and weaknesses. Specific examples for GoogleMedia AdvertisementGoogle may advertise in media sources like the newspapers or through the television. An advertisement may give information about job description and job specifications. It allows prospective candidates to analyze themselves and see whether they stand a chance to get the job or not. It also gives a broader range of contenders to select from. However, it may also bring a flood of applicants hence it is time consuming for both the clients and the organization.


Google as an organization is always on the lookout for employees that show potential employees who have the technological knowhow and are qualified in certain fields so as to ‘steal’ them from their current workplaces hence the term ‘raiding’. In order to attract them, companies like google may offer them a mouthwatering wage or salary in order to acquire their services over a period of time. Some people who work at institutions with an aim of been noticed by bigger companies work to the best of their ability both before being noticed and after being noticed. This keeps a competitive spirit among workers who have the desire to be among the best employees. This leads to the organization benefiting on a large scale due to maximum efforts put in by the employees. However, this is not seen as an ethical act so it is often kept a secret.

Campus Recruitment

Google and other big organizations keep close relationships with some top universities from where they can recruit freshly graduated students. Some organizations even get management trainees by sending their officials to reputed campuses of various management institutions to handpick talented contenders doing MBA, hence making the company acquire qualified personnel so they know how to do their work and help maximize outputs for the organizations. It also provides fresh talent to the organization who have new business ideas and have a point to prove to the organization as well as to themselves which makes them give their best for the betterment of the organization.

However, this may lead to dissatisfaction among current employees since they may feel that their place at the business is under jeopardy. This may make them feel that their chances of recruitment are limited. Campus recruitment is also a costly process since recruiters have to be paid as well as the recruited people. It may also be a time-consuming process since identifying potential candidates is a lengthy process and sometimes they may even need persuasion to join the business.

11 February 2020

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