Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance

My goal with this essay is to educate grit and how it is developed. I am a college student trying to improve myself to become more successful. Everyone has expectations for themselves and the people around them, many students are pressured to succeed and to have a professional future. A true definition of grit would be a personality trait by an individual who has the passion and perseverance towards a goal no matter the obstacles that are faced.

Throughout society, grit has been inside everybody somehow. Grit is just a way of life and it is so important to teach, not only kids, but adults too. Being naturally smart and talented are great, but to truly thrive is awesome! Grit can be taught, from a teacher and a parent. For example: from a parent, kids see them being passionate in the work that they are doing and kids are always told by their parents to “do good in school” and “get good grades” also seeing parents thrive in what they can do better in. They look up to their parents as a role model and kids mimic what their parents do, if they see their parent doing great, that will make the child think the same way. Another great example is a teacher, anyone can teach grit and learn it, but from a teacher, this is someone you may trust and might be another adult that you can look up too. A teacher can help his or her students to keep working towards a certain goal, to overcome challenges, even if they are hard.

In the classroom, any teacher can tell a student that anyone can achieve anything if they are dedicated and stay motivated. Grit is not the most important to everyone, but it should be. There will always be people who have more talent and are more dedicated towards what they want. Sometimes adults and children can show being gritty without even thinking about it. Adults see families and think “I want a family like that one day” or they see a fantastic job opportunity and think “this will be great for me, I need this.”

In conclusion, grit is not a physical thing, but something that has been played into many lives to give people a better outlook of what they do. Duckworth says, “Grit is living life like a marathon, not a sprint.” There are always going to be moments when things don’t work out. We can keep building grit and the support from others will help. 

16 December 2021
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