The Importance Of Grit To Be Successful In Life

Grit. Everyone has the ability to possess this. However, it is up to us individually to unlock it within us; grit will not just happen by waking up and saying I will have grit for today. Grit is to never give up and have motivation and purpose to strive towards your goal. However, I would like to think of myself as a gritty person because I work towards my goals and achieve them to my best ability. As implied by Angela Duckworth, when one is done with a goal, they set another one. Furthermore, I would consider myself as a gritty person because when I make mistakes I tend to ask myself why and how did I make that mistake. As expressed by Angela Duckworth, professional people who make mistakes go back to correct their mistakes to improve it and to better themselves as well as to prevent themselves from making a mistake again. The characteristics such as being motivated and never giving up show that I am gritty. Grit, many of us may wonder if we have grit which we have the ability to have it, yet there are many activities you can take online to receive a score of how gritty you are. I took one of the online activities to see how gritty I am and I received a grit score of 3.40. This test is accurate because when I set goals I accomplish them. When I set my goals I try my best to accomplish it, yet I have setbacks. However, that I have setbacks I do not let that discourage me therefore I do not give up easily. Additionally, I set goals l and I accomplish them, when I am done accomplishing it I set a new one. Because of me being gritty and wanting to accomplish new tasks I always want to have a goal.

One of my experiences in life I had to commit to unlocking grit within myself to accomplish this goal. The goal I wanted to accomplish was to get straight A’s for my whole freshman year in highschool. I know it was not going to be easy because I had to be committed to school. What I mean being committed to school is I know I need to study when I have upcoming quizzes or tests as well I needed to do all my homework that I  was assigned to do. Furthermore, the difficulty of getting straight A’s was that I had many academic classes that provided me with homework and quizzes and tests that I needed to study for. Additionally I had failure after failure and a lot of challenges. The failures I had were committing to study knowing I had an upcoming test; I failed the test knowing I could have prevented that by studying. However, I could not let setbacks hold me back. After not giving up when I set backs, failure after failure as well as many challenges I did not give up and I accomplish my goal I ended up getting straight A’s my freshman year. To explain how I committed to my goal is grit. Important to realize grit  has many other factors that contribute to it. One factor that contributes to being gritty is having a growth mindset. As stated by Carol Deeck, “This growth mindset is based on belief that your basic qualities are things you cultivate through your the growth mindset ,failure can be a painful experience. But it doesn’t define you.” Growth mindset is a great method to build the foundation of having grit. As stated by Angela Duckworth, “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long term goals, grit is having stamina,grit is sticking with your future day in day out out not just for the week,not just for the month but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality.Grit is living life as a marathon not a sprint” Additionally, there have been many occasions where I experienced grit to accomplish a goal. I had set long term goals before and short term goals and I accomplished them. How do I accomplish them, that would be with grit. I have to motivate myself again and remind myself of my purpose of why I want to accomplish this specific goal that I set for myself. However, I had set goals that I could not accomplish, I had setbacks and failures,yet I did not give up. Because of that, I have grit as well as a growth mindset. As a result of my setbacks and failures, I relate my grit to growth mindset because as I experienced failure that is a way of opportunity to learn from my mistakes and a new opportunity to grow from my failure.

To begin with many characteristics lead to having grit. Characteristics that lead to grit are: Courage,Resilience,Long term goals,Motivated and determined. As I listed some characteristics that lead to grit some of the characteristics I would have are: being motivated,determined,and resilient. First I can relate motivation to my success to grit because when I set goals I try my best to my ability to accomplish it as well I remind myself constantly what my motivation is; my motivation is to always do better. Second, I can relate determination to my success of being gritty, because everytime I set a goal I remind myself what the purpose is which is the cause of my determination. Thirdly, being resilient leads to my success of grit because when I have setbacks and failures I do not allow them to bring me down or do I allow myself to give up. Additionally, when I fail I push myself to try again and again until I succeed. Many of us have the capacity of being gritty, yet It is up to us if we want to be gritty. Grit can lead to success in life to accomplish hard tasks. However, many people do not want to be gritty maybe because we are not self-motivated or not self determined. In my personal experience I use to lack grit myself due to me being not motivated and determined. However, there are ways I can improve my grit over time. One way I could improve my grit is to learn from others so I can prevent myself from making the same way. As stated by Elite Daily we must learn from our own mistakes to develop knowledge and awareness to make wise decisions and choices. Another way I could improve my grit is to surround myself with gritty people. This can improve my girt because surrounding myself with gritty people will help me be more motivated and determined and they would not distract me from my goals. In my experience, when I am not surrounded with gritty people i tend to slack and not do my work, but if i'm with gritty people they motivate me to do my work. Grit contributes to the success of many people and it will contribute to my success in life.  

Grit will contribute to my success in life when I need motivating and reassurance to myself to not give up. For example, I will use grit in college. As we all know college  is not effortless you need to put effort in college to pass your classes. And you will need to put effort In studying and preparing yourself to pass your test and quizzes. I will have grit in college because i am going to put effort in passing all my classes and test no matter what circumstances get in my path; I want to be successful in life, therefore I will need to have grit.

16 December 2021
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