Discussion On Whether Hammurabi’s Code Was Just

Hammurabi was the king of Babylon that lived 4000 years ago. He created 282 laws from the gods he says that were he got them from. These laws are separated into different categories family life, agriculture, theft, jobs, and many more. A lot of people are saying whether these laws are fair or not. I think the majority of these laws are fair but some of them are not. Let me explain to you how some of these laws are fair.

First I will be talking about theft and how the laws of theft are fair. Law 21 states, “If a man has broken through the wall to rob a house, they shall put him to death and pierce him, or hang him in the hole in the wall which he has made.” So this law is pretty much saying if you rob a house and make a hole in the wall, you would be pierced or hanged in the wall. Also, law 23 states “ If the robber is not caught, the man who has been robbed shall formally declare whatever he has lost before a god, and the city and the mayor in whose territory or district the robbery has been committed shall replace for him whatever he has lost.” This law means if a robber is not caught, the society or community will replace whatever he lost. I think both laws are fair.

Law 21 is fair because what if the robber robs a poor man's house and the robber took all that man had. I think death is an ok punishment, but why anyone would want to rob. Law 23 is fair because whatever that man has lost and it hasn't been returned the man still gets his stuff back from the community. Secondly, I will talk about family law.

Law 129 states “If a married lady is caught in adultery with another man, they shall bind them and cast them in the water.” This law means if a married lady is caught cheating she will be binded up and thrown in the water to drown. Also, Law 195 states “If a son has struck his father, his hands shall be cut off.” This law means if a son hits his dad his hands will be cut off. These laws are fair because cheating while being married is really bad and hitting you dad is also really bad, besides why would you hit your dad especially when your dad is old.

Finally, I will be explaining about personal injury laws. Law 196 states “If a man has knocked out the eye of a freeman, his eye shall be knocked out.” This law means if a man knocks out an eye of a freeman, his eye will be knocked out too. Also law 218 states, “If a surgeon has operated with a bronze lancet on a free man for a serious injury, and caused his death, ... his hands shall be cut off.” This law means if you’re a surgeon and cause a death, your hands will be cut off. These laws are fair because law 196 is pretty much saying an eye for an eye. And law 218 is saying a life for hands. I think these laws are fair for their punishments. In conclusion, although some of these laws aren't fair because of their punishments, however to me the laws of family life, property, and personal injury were fair.

03 December 2019
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